Being able to move crafter output pile

I’m sure alll of us have played and realied “Hey, I want to move my crafters workshop… WHAT I CANT GRRRRRRR” (may be an exaggeration) but still, it would be awesome to be able to move the crafters station and stockpile. No doubt it would be nice.


I have wanted that from Alpha 1 xD

^^ Yes thats the prob ^^ Same is with the Crafterzone :wink: One try and if you set it wrong then pgh (German Pech gehabt -> means Tough Luck?) xD

dumb question, but what happens now if you remove an existing stockpile?

Right now you will break the crafter when you remove its outbox. The moment the crafter is done making something it will freeze and a nice wall of errors pop up because the crafter has nowhere to put the item.

We should also be able to move regular stockpiles as well.

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no those you just make a new one then delete the old one

That’s unpractical in my eyes. We should just be able to move them.

The idea of this thread is to get the delete/remakes function added to the carpenter/crafter stockplies without breaking it, as stcokpiles work now is perfectly fine


so, is the simplest solution to be able to remove a crafters inbox, without “breaking” said crafter? have that stockpile function like the generic version?

seems like that would be the most direct means… remove the inbox, but (perhaps) force the player to create another in it’s place?

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Just to add to the rest of the conversation, don’t we simply need whatever is in place with other stockpiles but with a limit for crafter output stockpiles to only ever allow 1 at any time?

Perhaps also prevent the player from deleting the crafter stockpile? Obviously allow a replacement … etc. etc.

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Well, moving stockpiles just in effect is the same as removing and recreating them anyway, as the items won’t be in them anymore. That said, it might be mildly useful if you have a very specific stockpile: named, with very particular storage settings. If you could just move that one, it would be a bit faster than just deleting/recreating.

However, I agree with @Pandemic that this is of low priority compared to the issue with the carpenter/crafter stockpiles, as there is no way to get rid of/move those whatsoever.

I think there r three ways of fixing this in the long run

  1. all crafters to place items in normal stockpiles
  2. add a crafter stockpile zone - potentially from a button on the workbench
  3. have the ability to make a stockpile then designate it as a workbenches output crafter zone via a button choice :smile:

just my two cents personally id be happiest with option 1 as then you have the ability to have carpenters and wood in the same stockpile and then food in another

I personally prefer all crafters place goods in normal stockpiles. If there are no suitable stockpiles, they can just set it down nearby.

I don’t know, I like the idea of the workers doing the heavy lifting and the crafter doing the crafting, which I think was the original concept behind the crafter output stockpile. The only problems with the system are having the goods not moved from the output pile to the general stockpile (a bug which will be fixed) and the inability to move or remove the output stockpile (an obvious feature to add if they stick to the current system). So, I think it would be fine to just fix these issues and stick with what we got.

However, perhaps a compromise would be possible where the crafter is not reliant on having their own output stockpile—if there is none, they just move it to the nearest acceptable general stockpile. Given that, I like the third option suggested by @easto1a. You can remove and create crafter output stockpiles freely. Every player will be able to stick to their own preference that way.

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Sounds good to me, but I’d say do restrict the number of outboxes equal to the amount of crafters.

If they would use normal stockpiles, then you’d have to worry about setting the correct filters etc. Otherwise the stockpile might get filled up with other items which would then force the crafter to walk to a more distant stockpile. Seems impractical to me.