Cannot create a new carpenter stockpile when deleted

I accidentally made the stockpile 1x1 for the carpenter and being no resize option I decided to delete it. However I did not the option to delete it and now the item that is created is left on top of the crafting bench and cannot be moved

100% chance if you deleted your output stockpile

Very Severe

Steps to reproduce:
Create a carpenter stockpile
Remove it

Expected Results:
Expected to be able to create a new stockpile for the carpenter

Actual Results:
Stayed on workbench and no workers could move it when I tried to place the item

Probably works only in the Alpha 3 Version of Stonehearth, and it plays the sound when the Bench is created after a short while after the bug has performed.

Ask for one if you need but I tun you get the idea

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 3

System Information:

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update 64-Bit
Intel CORE i7 4700MQ Processor Clocked at 2.40 GHz
Nvidia Laptop GPU (Don’t Know The Exact Model)
8GB Ram

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Unfortunately this has been something in all of the versions so far, I don’t think it’s a bug as such, more of something that hasn’t been implemented yet.

Agreed that it is pretty severe though :stuck_out_tongue: here’s hoping the team sort it out sooner rather than later!

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I removed the stockpile for Carpenter. For it was in the way.
But you can not give them a new one. for a regular stockpile works not merkte I.
So it would be great if you can take away and put your new one.
'm Sure someone has already come up with this idea.
But figured it might as well write it up.
Did get this error when he could not do something. for he did not find his stockpile:

Hi @emicl91! I’ve moved your post into here :slight_smile: