Resizing Resource Stockpiles

Hey, it’s me again!

Would it be possible to add a stockpile resize button to the game? I find myself sometimes making stockpiles way too small, and in need of adding some more. The thing is, I’d love to just be able to resize a current stockpile, possibly with stuff in it, so that I wouldn’t have to create chaos amongst multiple stockpiles and their stuff assignments.


This is a really good idea! Along those lines I think it’d be appropriate to be able to re-designate the carpenters stockpile.


i would second this one… :smiley:

although, what happens if you simply remove the stockpile, and drag a new designation in its place (the items from the previous stockpile remain, yes?)

What if you were able to drag out two stockpiles next to each other, and they would automatically become one?

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No. Personally, I’d like to have multiple stockpiles all next to each other, but with different things put in them. So it’s more organized. And I’m sure other neat freaks will agree.

EDIT: Maybe the option to, but not automatic

A resize option would pretty much catch any and all issues people have with stockpiles, its something that is sorely missed in other games where you have to remove and redesignate the areas rather than simply being able to resize them.

Yer, if they decided to implement it where you had something like this you could simply extend already existing stockpiles by dragging out a new stockpile and overlapping a part of it with the old stockpile.

Although this all seems rather counter-intuitive compared to simply being able to resize a stockpile.


If I remember correctly, someone said that the stockpiles will be in forms of storage houses where you will be able to store stuff over several different levels. Kinda hard to resize a building, maybe just expand it.

Or it was just a suggestion and I’m suggesting it again cause I like this idea

i… dont recall having heard anything like that… certainly sounds intriguing though… :smile: