Resize Stockpiles while in Zone Mode


Sometimes I wanna be able to make my stockpile bigger just a small bit, so I’d suggest adding some kind of dragging tool.
I would love having it work like this:

While in Zone Mode, let me drag the side of a stockpile I have clicked previously to adjust its size easily.

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I think i like this idea, because i tried to do this last night and just made a second stockpile.

However… i also like the idea of having multiple touching stockpiles that hold different things, so this suggestion would break that.

So… 50/50 :smile:

Could you elaborate on why this idea would break having multiple stockpiles next to each other? :smiley:
You should still be able to do that!

Well i was thinking if you drag them out and they touch… it would lock them together. But maybe they could make it that only if you overlap the previous stockpile it connects them? I think that works…

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Yeah! Overlapping stockpiles connect to a single one. Seems fine for me!

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