Harder selection of stockpiles?

EDIT: at first I suggested making it easier to deselect stockpiles. However, I have come to believe it much better to make it harder to select them in the first place (see my second post in this topic). That’s why the title and the rest of this first post don’t seem to match as well.

It’s quite easy to accidentally click on a stockpile when you attempt to select an item in it (see the video, e.g., 43:04 (the error messages are unrelated—also, it doesn’t seem that bad there, but I was used to it by then; I think somewhere in the video is a better example, but I missed it going through it once and did not spot it going through it again at 3-4x speed and I can’t be bothered to do any more)). I think it would be good to be able to easily deselect it as well just by clicking on the ground next to it, rather than having to click the X button to exit the Zone Tools mode. I can understand that you would want to stay in this mode if you explicitly opened it in the toolbar at the bottom even when clicking next to a stockpile, but it’s slightly annoying if you just accidentally clicked a stockpile. Not sure how to compromise there, I’m just reporting my findings.


I think perhaps an alternative could be to make stockpiles harder to select. You typically don’t want to select your stockpiles anyway, except in the somewhat rare and typically non-recurring case of changing the settings. Perhaps it could be that you only can select stockpiles if you first explicitly go into zone mode. The same with trapper regions. I tend to make somewhat large ones, and a couple of times I had to explicitly scroll away with the camera in order to deselect what I had selected (I’m strange and tend to want to have nothing selected if I’m not doing anything or looking at anything) because the floor where my camera was pointing was taken up entirely by the trapper zone.

Someone agrees with me!


yes, i absolutely agree with this… there were several times during my last session where new items would be added to a stockpile (via collection or trade)… i would be curious about an item, attempt to select it and accidentally select the entire stockpile (repeatedly)… :smile:

having to go into zone management, in order to interact with the zone itself, seems perfectly reasonable… :+1:

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We agree! Zone selection has been bothering us as well. It’s also pretty ugly to have this large yellow rectangle in the screen when your cursor is hovering over the trapping zone.

We just changed it so that zones are now only selectable when in zones mode, and this will be in the next patch.


again @Albert draws be short straw… working late on a Sunday night? you really need to find more incriminating evidence against your colleagues…

thanks for the update! :smile:


For a small undisclosed fee I can provide said evidence. Well, it’s mostly pictures of @not_owen_wilson in his cowboy outfit. When was the last time you saw Chris riding a horse? I rest my case.


Great improvement. But who go for yellow in the first place? That is a pretty ugly color in itself :blush:

ha! I was ok with the color… just not with how easy it was to trigger it’s display…

glad to hear it’s been addressed! :smiley: