Mod Need Reviving!

I am one of the creator of the mod MBS training on steam workshop
Me and my room mate did it for fun and provided support for it for a month but didn’t plan to support it further. but now we have a lot of comment because it’s not working anymore and I know the pain of a nice mod not working anymore so I wanted to search for people that wanted to revive It and support it.

If you are interested you can contact me



I can do a fix for it through the mod repairer:


it Would Be very appreciated
I would add the link to the mod repairer in the description than.

What is broken about it?

I can’t really say i’m personnaly the artist of the mod so I don’t really know code wise what’s wrong sorry, but the last update was about a year ago and a ‘‘big’’ updates was done to the main game during this time and a lot of comment say it’s not working anymore.

that mod was one with custom animations right? were you also the guy that did those?

Yeah I made the model and animation

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ever concidered making some more? there are rather few around now who can still make SH anims (especially for hearthlings) or making a rather idiot proof guide on how to do it?
for instance i have always found there to be way too little variation in weapon attack anims. i knw how to stuff them in the game…just not how to make them (blender and me are not friends :frowning: )

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no I don’t intend in making more and it’s long ago since iv’e done them (a year), the only thing I remember is it Was a Pain in the ass.
so yeah … sorry I won’t make a guide on it

eh, well at least i know its not just me thinking its a pain in the ass then XD