[MOD] Hearthlings of Many Faces


Alright! Sorry for the major delay everyone, but now the mod’s updated! Look for the updated links in the OP.

There’s still some small issue however: when randomly choosing models, there’s a risk of the hearthling getting some baldspots. A workaround for this is to switch between genders and it will be alright again. I’ll be looking into the behavior in the future, but for now I figured I should update it since it’s been out of commission for so long.


Whooooopppppp! Hurray!


YAY !! Thank you so much :blush:


So i have test it and for the men its works perfect but for the women its looks like it try to add the new hairstyles as facialhair instead of normal hair and make a new line for them:


That might be how the models are being registered. I’m trying a new, more general, approach when loading them in, it works well for the base game, but it apparently have some unfortunate side-effects like what you’re seeing in lomc. I could take a look at that mod to try and see if there’s another way of going about it.


I have the same “problem” with LOMC as @Wiese2007. The Mod on ist own works perfect. I don’t know if this would work but would it be possible to add a “bald-hair” (no-hair) Option to the normal hair and LOMC so you can choose the bald Option on one of them and the hair Option on the other to have “just one hair” shown? Because actually I find it rather funny and interesting to mix two hairs it gives you way more Options and the possibility for some cool hairmodels :wink: ( I hope you understand what I mean with the bald/no-hair Option I’m not really good at explaining :sweat_smile: )
Edit: Totally forgot to say I love the new seperation between hair Color and hairmodel makes it so more "user-friendly"
and here a few pic with mixed hair:

it gives you a wide scope :slight_smile:


I did try with bald hair at first, but it gave a weird side-effect for the males that their eyebrows and facial hair weren’t showing as intended.

I’ll play around with it some more though, and see if I can re-add that feature in. :slight_smile:


This is poorly timed compared to my decision to play without mods…
…well, these are just cosmetic mods… [installs]


:joy: dedimmmmm :smiley: its to good to skip it xD


Mini update, now includes a bald variant for the hair!


Hey this is perfect :grin: ! I found out that the “Kitty boycut”-hairmmodel (from LOMC) hides very well under the normal hairs and with the bald option for normal hair I can use every LOMC Hairmodels without clipping. And like this I can still mix the hairs :blush: thank you very much for this and for the fast “fix” :thumbsup:


You’re welcome, I’d suggest that you get the newest version of LoMC as it also fixes so there’s no extra option for the hair, but maybe you’d prefer the way it’s now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Every time I click on gender button (even if a hearthling is already of that gender) it works like a Randomize button. Is this supposed to happen?
Grabbed my copy at Praise DB if that’s important.
Also can you make it so that you can trigger customization manually, not just at the beginning/immigration?


Yes, it’s supposed to act that way. It’s sort of how the randomize button works, but it doesn’t randomize the gender (as its chosen, obviously). It’s just a simple way of giving it more of a function rather than just choose a gender and do nothing else beyond that.

The copy on Praise and those up on Dropbox/Google Drive are the same, so no worries there. The GitHub repo is a bit more updated, but it hasn’t seen that much that warrants an actual update, I think.

That’s a planned feature, so look forward to it in the future. :wink:


I find this functionality counter-intuitive. Not that I’m against it. It may sound funny but it’s not always immediately clear for me what gender a hearthling is. Can you somehow indicate it (like maybe making the corresponding gender icon bold or changing its background or something)?


I agree that it’s counter-intuitive, I’ll have to update the description in the OP some time that describes all the new things that it’s got going on… Maybe I’ll add some in game tool tip as well.

As for the gender icons. I did consider making them bolder/more apparent before, but it must have slipped my mind to actually do it. Thanks for pointing it out; I’ll get around to fix that soon-ish.


How do I edit people that are currently in my city? I want to re edit certain people but I don’t know how to open the editor.


you can only edit new people already joined people cant be edited … like the post before he will add a feature so that you can change already existend people in the future ^^


Okay, thank you for telling me!


huhu drotten any info for the next update? like a fix for the skincolor of the left hand? :smiley: