[MOD] Hearthlings of Many Faces


cant wait for the next update :smiley:


Heyho update :wink: lomc update is in production xD


There will be an update, don’t you worry; I was just holding it off until the hat patch came in. :wink:

First thing’s first though. I’m working on updating my other mod, and that one was so broken I had to remake the entire thing. So expect to see an update for that one first!


you really dont know how much i love your mod :stuck_out_tongue: its needs very very very very long to get an hairstyle to check it with normal add_citizen command :stuck_out_tongue:


This Mod is a total MUST HAVE for me I can’t say how much I love to “create” my own hearthlings! Especially when you use the Mod Locks of Many Colours and your new guy in town ends up with green Hair, a pink Beard and rainbow Eyebrows :smiley: so thank you very much for this Mod to say I love it would be an understatement.


Thanks for using my mod!

And don’t you (or @Wiese2007) worry, since I managed to update my other mod I can focus my attention on getting this one to work for alpha 14. Though I can’t say how long that will take since there are a lot of things that has to change for it to work properly.


Lol! And I havehave think no dont write anything like See its not only me xD


thats nice to hear but please I don’t want to put any pressure on you! I don’t really understand anything about scripting modding etc. but I know that it’s very time consuming :wink:
I just wanted to express my gratitude for your work :smile:


poke poke poke little update? :smiley:


Don’t you worry, I haven’t forgotten about this mod. I’m working on it, though I can’t spend all my time on it since there’s stuff happening around me that I must take care of as well. It will be updated!

Sorry for the delay, please be patient for it. :slight_smile:


cant wait, but aslong as you are okay and have some time its all supi :wink:


I am so excited! My favorite hearthling died so now I want to re create her!


I am waiting patiently to… Is it done yet?.. Is it done yet?.. Is it done yet? Lol.
I know the problems of real life interfering and everything else I’ve got three pages of lists of things that I have to do around the house and on the computers. So I will look back soon I made a deal with my wife that when this mod updates. I get two whole days to play no honey do list… She said yes a little while ago. But we will see what she says when I see this mod has updated. Lol


Ha ha ha that’s hillarious @DevanMedrow. I guess you’re hoping it’s a good update to make your free time worth while LOL! There is no escape! hahhaha


Who knows, maybe she’ll give you lots more work to do around the house. Stuff that will make you wish that the worst job was to do the dishes! Well, I guess for your sake I’ll have to make the mod really neat to make it worth your while!

Also a small info update. I’ve hit a rather big snag for the mod, I can’t release the mod until it’s been sorted out, and there’s no telling how long that can take. :confused:
Anyway, know that I’m working on that and (I think) the rest will be a lot smoother to get done once the issue’s been taken care of.


She does the dishes she actually likes doing the dishes. I have to build a shed in the back to get us to stop using the storage unit for extra stuff. Our couch is getting old so I’m going to rebuild a new one that project I have the parts for already repair the solar tracker on two of the panels. Rewire the lighting in the house to run directly off the 12 Volt solar/wind for LED lights. Build a closet organizer to be able to store more clothes in our main closet. Build her the raised planter boxes so she can start a herb vegetable garden.
Then computers she has a laptop she’s using mine at the moment and kind of killing it. She doesn’t know how to say no to adware. Have to strip both of them down and reinstall to get rid of all the crud.

As for this mod it will make things so much more enjoyable because I have locks of many colors mod and even without other mods I really don’t like my heart Lea is having Mohawks… she has seen me frustrated looking at them Hartland saying why in the heck do they have a mohawk. Lol


the mohawks in LOMC may or may not have been my doing… :eyes:


I love the options I love being able to once you have a lot of little heart leans in this guy is just your little crazy guy he be the one to have the Mohawk… but when you do that initial random roll and you have 4-5 guys show up with really outrageous hairdos but great stats. You just think to yourself rats that sucks. I know little digital characters shouldn’t annoy me so much but they DO!
… back to main topic…
I hope you figure out how to unsnafu the mod and good luck in all your programs.


@DevanMedrow I totally understand you it’s like I roll my heathlings a thousand time ( I have locks of many colors too) for this one character with the nice hair which i want for my carpenter and then it has bad stats :smiley: and then one roll later great stats but totally not the guy you were looking for.
@Drotten I wish you good luck with your work and even if I sadly can’t offer help (because seriously if I would try I would end up deleting half the content of Stonehearth while trying to write a script :stuck_out_tongue: ) I will give you a MOTIVATION-Dance ~ <(^^<)(>^^<)(>^^)> ~ <(^^<)<(^^)>(>^^)> ~ <(^^<)(>^^<)(>^^)> ~


@Kagea why do i here “rah rah sis bom ba!” Playing in the back of my head. Lol