[MOD] Hearthlings of Many Faces


jup i know what you mean … but im totally confuss why its only accept the change for female1 and not for the others … i will upload it and the bed ^^ when you have time you could look into it?

i dont find the issue ^^ but like you said its late and i must wake at 4 … so good night :wink:


I’ll take a look at it tomorrow :+1:; it’s getting late here as well.

Edit: @Wiese2007, there are a couple of issues there:

  1. Typos: most of the filenames start with a uppercase ‘K’, while the manifest looks for the files that start with a lowercase ‘k’.

  2. The game couldn’t find the files that are using the character ‘ö’ in their name.


I’ve uploaded a fix to it now, it should work a lot better now when entering a name. Look in the OP for the updated version.


I totally missed this mod! That sounds pretty cool! :open_mouth:
Need to test this soon…


Is the v1.1 on Praise the updated version too? ^^


Yes it is, replaced the one that was already up there.


Nice! ok :smiley: thanks Drotten :jack_o_lantern:


ok i have no idea ^^ its use only my override of female_1 and then it ends^^ all filenames and jsons are correct and the log doesnt shows any issues ^^

and i have also not found a way to change it that it takes the names not from the filenames … but im very bad at programming xD

[StoneHearth release-472] Compatibility with some mods!

I’ve got no good solution for that either. Neither do I want to promise that there will be one because of the complexity of it all.


Update! The mod has been patched for alpha 14 latest branch. The links above has been updated with the new version, also updated at Praise.


Thanks! :smiley: would you want to add your other mods to praise? If they’re not ready you could skip adding a file version?

I’m thinking of ways to add wip mods too so any ideas would be welcomed by all


Heyho^^ Little question … is it possible to make an entities (like a scissor) who can also trigger your ui? so that we can perhaps also later change the look?


I was thinking that I’d add them, or rather it, when it’s actually ready for usage. So for now praise will have to be without Smart Carfter! :slightly_smiling:

@Wiese2007, there is a lua function that starts up the customization process on a hearthling (homf.customizer:force_customization(hearthling)), however it’s not linked to be called from the ui so it’s kind of useless for that purpose. But I’m planning on adding a feature like that later on so the player can edit the hearthling’s appearances at any time.


Really great to hear :smiley:

Meanwhile we @Kittyodoom will expand the “Locks of Many colourful styles” :smiley:


cough cough

when you change the UI next time its possible to make a dropdown menus or an new line so that colour and style are separted? at the moment i click 10 time per head to get the next style xD like new_head_young - then black blue etc?

ok while i wrote this i think a dropdown menus would be really the easiest way (if its possible xD)


It’s not quite that easy, I’d have to find some way to map each color to its name. I’ve got another idea on how to keep things for what you’re asking for, though it might take a while until it gets implemented.

Edit: thinking about it some more, I suppose it’s not so hard to do that. But I’d still like to go on with my own idea. :slight_smile:


no prob ^^ it was just for precausion because with me styles and colours it would be only possible to dice everytime or get a new index finger after every heathing xD


Ah, um, it doesn’t seem to be working on my A14. I name my settlement, then…nothing.


Drotten hasnt update it to v2. So you need to go in and change in the Manifest it to v2 xD then it will works xD


It’s like Wiese says, its manifest needs to be updated in order for the game to even load the mod. That’s an easy fix, but I noticed there are other problems that popped up which I need to fix as well. Stay tuned for future updates!