[MOD] Cleric Combat

:sparkler: Steam Workshop: Cleric Combat

:arrow_right: Mod File Download for stonehearth\mods: cleric_ranger.smod

This is a small mod that extends the reach of a Cleric doing a melee attack, by equipping some new weapons crafted by an Herbalist or Blacksmith. The purpose is to keep them slightly further back from the enemy and using their magic in attacks. There is also a stronger circlet available too, for defence. The regular Cleric Tome job talisman is not affected, and can still be used by selling off the new items, if you desire.

New item models were designed by Highwall from the Stonehearth ACE Discord forum, and the fine users there came up with ideas for this, Thank you!
Updated: Cleric Crown gets Spirit +2 buff. cleric_spirit_buff