[MOD] Blacksmith & Happy Spring Festival

My first mod

How to use:
“ws.smod” Put it to “/mods”

Add many weapons and armor
1.First to wear armor
2. to wear helmet

R201 test was perfect

Dev2184 has one wrong ~
But I do not know where the wrong.If you find please tell me.Thank you!
When done a weapons or armor into the storage area the wrong like this

address: Dropbox - ws_smith.rar - Simplify your life

I would like to ask how to add a monsters :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have fun

Happy Spring Festival :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A small mod to celebrate the Spring Festival :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

fairy_lights & lantern

Happy Spring Festival

新春快乐!Happy Spring Festival.qmo (822.4 KB)
(ps:After download,Change qmo to rar,Put“ws.smod” to "/mods:)


Ah man!!! Wanna test this out so badly! :smile:


I’ve gotten the same error. If it helps with debugging, it has to do with new weapons being placed into stockpiles. That’s when it’s come up for me, at least!

I’ve gotten that error a lot also, mostly on last update, less on this one, but find it happens more when your mason’s stuff is being moved or placed in stockpiles

dev2184 Sometimes the soldiers to take up arms,But sometimes have to wait a while to get it.
Although this error, but it can be use. :disappointed_relieved:
r201 Not like this

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Thank you~Test~
Yes :cry:
Each made a new arms placed in stockpiles the error will appear…T.T

I’ll test this when I can. Good job, @weisi910101 :smiley: !
Those weapons look really cool.

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Thank you very much
You love is my greatest support! :smile:

i will test this out when i get the time, it looks like its very cool :smile: i also noticed that the item pictured uses the goblin honor tokens :smiley:

looks like a cool mod!