[Mod]100 Log Trees and Fast Worker Speed [r27]

Basically the silliest thing I’ve done.

Each tree no matter the size has 100 logs.

When workers carry anything, they go super speed, also their “normal” walking speed is sped up

If a worker sleeps on the ground, they go super speed, not only when carrying items, but when running around! (Stacks with Fast Carry).

To Install: Replace SMOD in mods folder.

Works with r27

Download Link

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By replacing the smod, you’re effectively killing “future versions”. Not including engine changes that might remove functions (or functions that have recently been added).

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That actually makes sense now that I think about it, I’ll update OP

for a split second, I thought you were submitting a bug report… :grimacing:

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:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll add mod to the title