[MOD] Worker Speed x2

Hi guys, here is my first mod.


I created this mod because I needed it. With the LUA spikes bug, we can’t really own a lot of villagers. So with the increased working speed of the Worker Class, the LUA core seems to like this better than having x2 Worker Villagers to deal with. I don’t really find useful to add this buff to the other Classes, the main issue is the workers.

The mod is a simple buff added to the Worker Class




  • The farmer should get this kind of buff too but with his level progression.

I might have to try this out! and welcome to the stonehearth forums!

You might want to make the file public (if possible)

Oh yes, my bad.

I will update the post when done

I’ll test this out today. Nice, simple mod. :slight_smile:

i hope they add levels for workers.


I saw a guy who added levels to worker and I think that its a very good idea. Increased work speed with levels could be a good option.

But my point was to deal with the too many villagers bug.

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I do not see any change in speed