Missing Buildings From Templates

I’ve found recently that when I try to place some templates from past save games, they place everything, but the walls/floors, and then gets stuck so I can’t build it or remove it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter build mode.
  2. Select a template
  3. Hit build.
  4. Place it.

Expected Results:
I would expect it to place the ghost building and ask if I want to Edit/Save/Remove/Build it.

Actual Results:
It places a ghost of the lamps/beds/windows/anything that could be placed from the place objects menu or the the build screen. The walls/Floor/Roof/Stairs don’t show up. I then get an instant Engine Error (Will Include as an attachment). I can select the objects, however the build/remove buttons are both grayed out. I tried using commands to delete the parts left, and nothing happens. It’s all the same when I save and load back in.

This only happens in around 1 in 10 templates, and I can’t seem to figure out what makes them do it.

A notepad with the Engine Error report copy pasted in – Was going to upload, says new users can’t add attachments. Will keep it saved, if it’s needed let me know how best to provide.

Version Number and Mods in use:
ALPHA 21 Stonehearth 0.21.0 (release 707) x64 build
Debug tools are in use.

System Information:
Windows 7, 64bit. Don’t know enough about it to proved more info. If something more is needed, let me know and I can look up how to find whatever you need.

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