Minecraft - Bukkit Dead

Since I know there’s quite a few “modders” in this community and I’ve seen some Minecraft orientated posts before: I was wondering if any of you guys had a response to the whole debacle that has been going on over at Bukkit?

Personally, this has effected me in a huge way. @SluffTurtle and I had been about a month and a half in, as well as in the final stages, of releasing a Mini-Game Mob framework before all this happened. It crushes us to see it all for naught.

Even if you just used Bukkit to download plugins wondering if what responses you guys have!

Mojang owns the rights to bukkit, it came when they brought over some of the guys to work on their team… so chances are we’ll see a reincarnation of it. If not some other modder will do something similar.

It doesn’t really effect me, the only time I used it is when I was running my own minecraft server a few years ago. I never really found the mods for minecraft all that appealing aside the hard mode ones.

I’m not very shocked that the lead guy from bukkit is leaving though, it really feels like the hay day of minecraft is well over. At least it has been for my gaming groups and myself for some years. The game has felt pretty stale since Jeb took over, updates are getting fewer and fewer with longer spaces… and additions like a new block type are seldom exciting. I’ve pretty much had all the fun I can possibly have with it at this point, although my wife still plays it from time to time. Mojang just isn’t the indie darling it used to be, and minecraft seems largely like a one hit wonder that they are now trying to milk as much as possible.

I’m aware Mojang owns the rights to Bukkit. However, from the little research I did, most of the Bukkit team has quit at this point and Wesley or “Wolvereness” from the Bukkit development team is supposedly reclaiming his code. This would be why there’s a DMCA take-down notice on the Bukkit github. I’ve read from a couple sources that Wesley’s claim to his GPL code actually might have merit due to a previous case in the United States “Oracle vs Google”. Any ways, most likely you are correct that in some form or another API will find prevalence once again be it the fabled “Minecraft API” or a community effort (“Sponge” is one I’ve heard of).

I also have to agree that Minecraft’s prime is long over. Just sad to see it go! We had so many ideas for our plugin.

Well that is a shame. I didn’t hear the additional details, I was just going from the Notch tweets. I find that kind of unfair to be honest, they want to quit development but also want to take their work and what? destroy it? let it sit on a shelf? I mean I think Mojang would probably put it to use… it would just take time.

Hopefully people will rise up and help where they can to fill the void. I found bukkit useful when I was running a server, and it is quite obvious it will leave a huge gap. If someone takes their place I am hoping the new system is very user friendly… one of my major jobs as “Uncle Woolly” is setting up Minecraft mods for all my younger family members.

Well from what I’ve heard it was just one person from Bukkit saying they own their code. Since it’s only one I would hope it wouldn’t take much to reverse that decision. Mojang didn’t see this coming in the slightest though… And they really aren’t known for being fast at doing anything. Time will tell I guess.

At least now you can download old Bukkit versions though–initially you couldn’t even do that as there was a DMCA on Bukkit as well. With the version-controlled Minecraft launcher mods will still work in that regard.