Minecraft codes

I hate to make a blanket request like this, but I thought I would try… I had two codes for minecraft that I “won” a few months back… one I gave to my nephew, and the other I tried to redeem now (but it failed, miserably)…

before I plop down my cold hard cash for a 3rd copy of minecraft, I thought I would ask you lovely folks if anyone had a free code lying around? :smiley:

if so, and you are feeling exceptionally generous, could you PM me the code? I am prepared to offer any number of Steam codes in return… :smile:


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Can you give me that you tried to redeem? I haven’t bought MC yet.

I know, right. It’s shocking.

the one that failed? i’m not sure why you would want that… :smile:

Well, I want to see if it’ll work on my PC. Maybe you did something wrong when trying to Redeem the Code.

no, the response was basically that the code had already been used… :cry:

Try Help and Support. Maybe you’ll get a new code.

I’d be very careful about getting ‘free’ minecraft codes from anywhere. Honestly, just plunk down the whatever it is these days from Mojang.

oh, indeed… to be honest, it was more like I was “gifted” them, but that’s another story… :smile:

suffice to say, one of them worked (for my nephew), but the second didn’t… ive since purchased a second copy this evening though… its all good… I now own… … 4 copies? :blush:

Gimme one copy, if that’s possible.

Dwarf, please, stop, begging.

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hahaha… yes, my apologies @EpicDwarf, but I’m afraid I can’t help you… each of my purchases are actually in use…

and with that, I suppose we can close this one up!

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