The use of mods


Time for a good ol’community discussion. :slight_smile:

I saw this video just now: YouTube

I think it’s interesting because it raises a good point for (in this case) minecraft mods, and that is one about balance to the main game. According to the video, most minecraft mods are mainly cool, adding that new coolness to the game before wearing off, instead of being mods that add substantially to the game, if you get what I mean. Now I really like balance in a mod, and I like to think about how mods can be made balanced in a game, so there is that, but what do you search for in mods/ think about when you make them?


It is funny for me because in Minecraft I never ever used a mod. I was actually against mods at that time too. For me, it was kinda disrespectful to the game developer. Someone downloaded their game just to use it as a platform for some mods that change the game so much that it is not the same game anymore. There is a huge amount of players that would not play minecraft if they do not have their favorite mod in it, to an extent that a big portion is using 5 years old game versions just to not lose support for their mods…


when i search for mods they have to “fit” in the world, and with the theme.

its kinda like putting butter on bread and not putting a bag of rainbow collored chips on said bread.


I agree with this so much. Its what caused me to usually stay away from minecraft mods, because so many added pokemon, lightsabers, godzilla, weapons that can 1-shot everything and other crazy stuff. Whilst I see why people can find this fun, I like mods that really just add to the main game, so that I feel like I’m playing the same game, just with more to do.


Well I think that is the beauty of mods. They expand the original game infinitely. They allow the player to customize their experience beyond the original content and occasionally beyond the game creators intent. I love Banished. Without some strategic mods I probably wouldn’t keep firing it up. Minecraft wouldn’t have the subscriptions it does now without them. Without those subscriptions there would probably never have been 13 versions of the game and counting. No t-shirts, no plush creepers, legos, etc.

That being said I probably wouldn’t ever load a mod that went too far out there in respect to the concept of the game. What that means to Stonehearth I’m not really sure. I can see this being a seed planet and the hearthlings finding the crashed mothership (and possibly the tech too). Its a fantasy game after all with a race of Leporids (always thought that would be their race name).

Just my take on mods.