Mermaid (Creation post)

Then it will be extra special Mermaid stew!


What is it?
I think that the Blender add-on can import or export an animation taking into account a different skeleton, and it adjust the values automatically.

The Max tool that adjusts the animation so it’ll fit for different models.

And no… Blender doesn’t take acout of that as far as i knowe

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one thing i want to point out is, that siren’s can only drown/tempt men, as far as i understand…

Lie! It’s stated here:

You just have to follow the right steps, and use the meta-files that are specific for this add-on.
You’ll have to create both skeletons (male and female) making sure that they have the same quantity of bones, and that the bones have the same name for both.
Also export the meta files for both.
And then follow steps of the tutorials on the manual because when you have an animation exported, you can reexport it for another skeleton and it will automatically calculate the offset. (So many steps of importing/exporting, might be hard to get it right at the first try, but definitely possible :smile:)

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