Mermaid (Creation post)

Hi there!
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With @Tom showing the water test on Stream (You Kinda know what i’ll be doing)

Another Mythical Creature!. Again!

This is a Concept drawing of her right now

(yep, that is a overly high resolution image)

This concept art will give you a idea on how she’ll look like

By the way, this is my Hand drawing Coloring Style, witch i use in almost every coloring



I’m honestly confused between the Siren and the Mermaid (the two aren’t really different from each other are they…)


I will make a Merman, Witch will probably need a slightly shifted animation due to it’s shoulder location being a bit different from the female model.

and the Hair will be animated so it’ll have the ‘Under Water’ feel (when it needs to)

And also, they’ll have some skin color variations and some variations for the hair and so on


But still, i will be Finishing the [Golem][1] and the [Harpy][2] Before i Start animating the two



Symbol Out!
[1]: The Golem [Creation post]
[2]: Introducing the Harpy!


Amazing drawing, wish I could draw as good as you.

Pencil mocks him out of sight.

Just one thing, will these mermaids be Sirens and lure sailors to their death?, just your average friendly mermaid or the mermaid that drowns and eats men?

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Probably the friendly type since we don’t have a way to lure Hearthlings so… yeah

I should make a Siren that looks almost the same but eats men later


I really like the style, it looks great =]

Sirens are from greek mythology. They used to be half women/half bird before they got cursed and lost their wings. They lived on an island and would sing to enchant sailors, which would cause their ship to crash into the island. They were defeated by Odysseus.

Mermaids also stem from greek mythology. Back then they were called Naiads and Oceanids, female spirits of the water who would entice careless men with their bodies(not their voices) for the purpose of *cough* “procreation”. Which, in some cases, could cause the man to drown if they were in an ocean, for example.

Over the years these two separate beings(sirens and mermaids) have gotten confused enough times, that most people don’t know the difference.


Wow!, that’s a lot of information @chimeforest Thanks!

And Boy we were all so confused between them. (if you serch ‘Siren’ in google you get a mermaid)

Skipping the… cough… “Procreation”

So… Sirens have wings… and aren’t Harpies, i guess i’ll have to put little wings on… her hair? (or back?)

And i’ll have to figure out a way to make her… “for all age”

Witch is up to me of course

Thanks again!

very impressive concept @Hyrule_Symbol… nice work! :+1:

can’t wait to see your voxel implementation as well… :smiley:


I suggest just changing the colour of the mermaid and a few minor details and have them lounge on rocks like a sea lion and you have your siren. Probably easier in the long run and would explain why the Mermaids in the water are also interested in eating the men or at least drowning them for fun.

The wings would be on her back. When Hades took Persephone to the underworld, Demeter(Persephone’s mother) granted the Sirens the ability to turn into birds to look all over the world for her daughter. However they eventually gave up and settled on an island. When Demeter found out she cursed them to live in bodies which were half human/half bird.

So the wings would have to have been useful enough to fly about with. Though magic could explain that too, I suppose. (also, I think later on they lost the wings though b/c of another curse… but I’d have to look that up.)

Here is a sketch-ish of how I would picture a stonehearthian Siren

Innocently singing “Who will come to my rescue?” with her magical voice, calling would be sailors to the rocky waters…

I gave her red dragon-fly wings, 'cause they looked better in the drawing, though technically they should be bird wings.

I think that her affect in game would be to enthrall Stonehearthians. Any Stonehearthian who gets too close while she is singing, can do nothing except sit and listen to the enchanting music.
Maybe even goblins and other non-magical humanoid creatures would stop to listen too?

Interesting fact: In Greek mythology, Sirens are not a race of people but a set of individuals each with their own name. Depending on which source you read, there are between 2 and 5. Though traditionally the Sirens are 3 individuals.


Making you need to train a ranged unit to kill the overgrown bird.

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If you need any modeling help, I’m more than happy to help. Awesome work @Hyrule_Symbol

wow! words cannot describe how much i like it!

[quote=“Newf, post:2, topic:10811”]
Pencil mocks him out of sight.
[/quote]i know that feeling all to well…

Maybe, maybe not… Depends whether or not the Hearthlings can break out of her spell or not… which is up to the modder.

Maybe while listening to the Siren’s song they doze off for a quick nap, only to awaken feeling super refreshed minutes later, wondering what happened to that beautiful lady…
In which case that would be a good thing =]

EDIT: Also defeating the Sirens (in the original greek epic) was a bit more complicated than just training an archer, lol.


Either way, you are going to need to kill it so you get your Hearthlings back or make sure you don’t lose anymore.

But how exactly does that fit in with the Sirens luring sailors to their doom?

Turning it into a porcupine should work.

That looks amazing @chimeforest !
you deserve the title of ‘Master of color’
(i want my title to be… ‘spectrum’ )

I red the Wiki, it sayd that the sirens will die if a sailor manages to escape from the magical singing and goes away. (witch will be a chalange to implement)

And i like that design, so i might go with something like that


I like the idea of having Mermaids friendly, more then a man… drowner…?
Since we’ll have Sirens to do that job.
Thanks for bringing it up


I’m helping!


Hi guys!

I’v came with a WIP Model for the Mermaid




It’s Currently not fully made(as you can see)

some things have to changed like… color? (and some hair editing)

And i’ll have to do some detail Texturing and i’ll have to Bake some shadows (as Tom says)


Also, Don’t worry about the Golem and the Harpy i’ll finish them first

And i heard that we can now make a Death Animation From Tom in the last stream (witch i couldn’t watch at the moment for ‘A Reason’)

I’ll be making them for all the mobs that i’v made so far (not much but… yep) and for all the other mods i’ll make later on


Now… I Have a problem

The male model(the Merman) will be taller then the female model witch means i’ll need something…

Something that Only @Tom Has (wonder what that is…?)


Actually, Since i can’t watch the Streams anymore,

Someone link Tom to the Golem Creation post with the most impresive Animation ,
So they can… Hire… me…? (what?)

Yeah, then i could drop School. (???..Actually, i would love that)


But still though, someone do it, i want to see how Tom will react to it since i don’t recall him watching any animations in the discourse.


Symbol Out!

Edit: also i worked on the Harpy today as well,
i made the Battle idle for the Harpy.

I didn’t record it because i didn’t want to figure out a way to get it to record at the right speed

Edit 2 : The topics name was changed to… ‘That’ because it is what it is


Hmmm i actually kinda liked how the tail looked when it was a bit split up :slight_smile: Also i think a bit of variety would helper make the tail look better. the same counts for the back part of the hair.

It is a great model though

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Yeah, i’ll be doing that when i get to the details, (with some model editing if it’s needed)

thanks anyways!

Can’t wait until I can start fishing these things and making some mermaid stew!

Then i’ll make her into a Really important Character so you can’t dare to @Newf !