Maybe not VR, but HoloLens?

If you haven’t seen it already here’s what HoloLens is Click Here if you do know, read on! I think it would be interesting for Stonehearth to go along with augmented reality/HoloLens approach. Virtual reality would be really cool, but I can’t see it implemented well for Stonehearth .

Imagine playing Stonehearth with HoloLens, the UI is just static, and as you move around you can see your settlers and everything. In the distance of your room you see a goblin horde running towards your village. You plot your party’s positions and plan for the assault! The goblins were no match for your units, but what’s that in the distance? No, it can’t be! It’s a giant goblin! Almost as high as your knee, you pause the game, walk around it knod your head in satisfaction of your plans. You resume the game and watch the onslaught begin. You sit down and watch up close how your settlers destroy the goblin. What a triumph victory for your settlers!

Through the beauty of HoloLens you were able to control and see the battleground right in front of you! That’s what I would want out of HoloLens. Is Stonehearth to support it. What do you guys think?


As hopeful as I am that HoloLens grows into a healthy platform, I don’t see that happening in time to put it on Radiant’s radar for Stonehearth.

The most likely scenario that actually has SH running on HoloLens, would be Microsoft supporting current games to be played in ‘Windowed Mode’ on a screen you can ‘clip’ to a wall (like the soccer game window in the HoloLens demo video). I am pretty positive mouse and keyboard will still be supported on the HoloLens, so SH may function normally (without the immersion features).

Not quite as cool as physically walking around and watching a settler vs. goblin battle unfold in the middle of your living room, but any sort of support on a very new platform would be welcome.


I think it could be a very simple/complex task. It all depends on how you look at it, take for instance. Radiant could just design a qr code to be read by HoloLens. It would be a non-interactive world that you could look at and around in but nothing more. I mean it couldn’t be too difficult to have a game generate in Real 3D. I mean take out the fog and stuff, just leave the clouds and sun.

i can see this not in Stonehearth but easily in Stonehearth 2 which will be fps adventurer on worlds from stoneheartha nd stoenhearth 3 when it comes out

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very intrigued by this technology… an interesting article from arstechnica:


I am intrigued, and I feel @sdee, @Tom and the rest of the team* would be interested as well.

*Sorry I don’t know all your usernames, please don’t hurt me


Windows only :wink: Although I bet my ass the Linux community will reverse engineer this within a couple of days lol


It’s been my experience that if something isn’t compatible with Linux, Linux people will force Linux onto it. Especially since some Windows users have been going to Linux for a more updated system, and Windows 10 was supposed to combat this… It would be silly for Windows to try to stop Linux users from using their product.

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Lets not forget the fact that XBox controllers work flawlessly in Linux because they reverse engineered them and built the drivers into the kernel lol

time to go make a kickstarter for stonehearth 2 lol

Here's how you build an augmented reality game for HoloLens - The Verge Maybe still a possibility?

The reason why you always see Minecraft is because Microsoft bought Minecraft and one could say that the reason they did it was to have fancy tech demos for the HoloLens.

So basically, they can adjust Minecraft’s engine, or just rewrite it, in whatever way they see fit in order to have proper support for the HoloLens.

Radiant doesn’t, so they would have to wire up the game themselves for it, which (depending on the API Microsoft offers) could be a very, very resource demanding task. I’m sure we won’t see this before a release, and I doubt we will after.

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If you decide to go for HoloLens, you would have a Window-only feature. Well, the open-source Linux driver would probably be built in a couple of seconds but then Windows-ers would go about saying how useless it is to make it support Linux. So I am absolutely against this in every way.

Since I’m a programmer as well, maybe I’ll chime in. I don’t think it would be hard to have “hololens” build for Stonehearth and regular build for windows/linux/mac. I think situation would be similar, if little bit different to porting it for say, consoles.

Plus I am sure Linux people will figure it out. Someone said earlier in the thread that xbox controllers work on Linux. Well, Kinect (for pc, not xbone) was also reverse-engineered and there are Linux drivers for it. Not sure what quality they have, because I don’t have kinect and wasn’t able to test it, but they are there.

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The thing is, a camera and a virtual reality headwear are two different things.

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I’ll probably see it used as a extensive mod where you can load up your world save and walk through your village/castle/hole in the ground.