Mod idea: First Person View Mode

In Minecraft snapshot 14w05b, Mojang added a spectator mode, in which you can click on mobs and players to see their point of view. If this were to be possible in Stonehearth, that would be awesome. You would not be able to control them, but you could see what they see. You could also do this with animals like bunnies and sheep (I want to be a sheep.) and with enemies, like you could be a skeleton or a troll.
Is this possible and could somebody make it?


I too wonder if this is possible with mods or first-party support

I’m not sure if I see the value to adding this sort of thing into the game … I mean the camera will already enable you to have an overview of the world as it is, I’m just not entirely sure what you would be hoping to achieve through this?

What do you see such a feature doing/ adding to the game?

What benefits would there be from seeing the world through the point of view of other animals? although I have no idea how this would work seeing as you already view things overhead

Why should it be added?

I suppose for something like this to be in you’re building upon the ‘first person mode’ idea?

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It would open Stonehearth to the world of scary games such as Amnesia. You see the world with the eyes of a sheep, happily walking around when suddenly a worker shows up with an axe and shears you.

That aside, I’m pretty sure this is already doable.


I can definitely see it providing some use when you start thinking away from the vanilla game - and I’m sure it’d be quite cool to see your world in first person in the vanilla game … but those two things aside …

if there were no actual first person controls involved (which I’m not really a fan of anyways), this would be purely for the novelty effect…

it would be funny to hop around in a possessed bunny, of course (:smile:) but other than for the diversion, I don’t see much other utility…

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Yeah, I think with MC it’s fair enough because it’s 1st person, but when the game’s already 3rd person, what’s the point?

As for those links, if this is kind of trying to get at that, Tom has already revealed that doing all that, taking over a player and playing first person, is already planned, but not for Stonehearth - he said it will be for a new game that ties in with the SH world, but they need to finish SH first. I’m guessing something like Cube World. I can’t say I’m not a little bit excited for it in all honesty…:grin:

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The equivalent of Dwarf Fortress’ adventure mode would be extremely welcomed. An RPG set in your Stonehearth worlds, amazing.


But the thing is, it’s to be a whole new game, which makes me all sorts of curious…like really, really curious…

Edit: Would be wise to elaborate that I’m curious what the game will be like, and just how it will tie with Stonehearth…

That thread is taking control of it, this is just viewing. And wouldn’t it be cool to see your buildings from the inside as a worker, or watch the fighting up close?

We should at least be able to mod this in if they don’t want to put it in immeadatley. I have little coding knowledge and little knowledge of the games code so I don’t know if this is possible or not

I think I should just clarify that @Geoffers747 and I are not discussing future features of Stonehearth, but rather what Radiant have mentioned of a game to follow once they’re done with Stonehearth. :slight_smile:

said mention… :smile:

Can I take control of one of the guys in first person?

No. That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds built in Stonehearth. We have to finish Stonehearth first though. :wink:

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I’m guessing it’d be your stonehearth world so do you think it’d be DLC instead of a whole new game?

Pretty sure not. :wink:

I’m guessing it’s a kind of link to Stonehearth as in it’s the same universe, although they may well incorporate our own creations in. I do just really wanna hear more about this planned game. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can one day make a game-mode that is basically a first person control of your village, so you are a Villager!

You’re talking about controlling one, right?

I’m talking about being one and controlling it from their, and maybe even have a game mode where you get that one villager as a life. (only for people who want a hard game though)

Here is how I think it should work. You could double-click a settler and you will switch to FPS view of that settler you chose, and you could control the player from there.

I like this idea but I think it should work like a carpenter block in that it is a promotion. you give them ‘the x of adventure’ and you play as them, and you have to have a pretty developed town before you can do that.

or else if you immediately double click on a settler it will pretty much be minecraft with AI’s under your control