(Suggestion) First Person Mode

If your wanting more action for the game maybe you could implement first person mode. You could take control of NPCs and be able to fight or craft with them. Chop down some tress, mine, etc.

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This made me think of the old bullfrog Theme Park game! You could zoom in to first person mode and walk around your park and ride all the rides. While I don’t expect this is very high on the list of priorities, it certainly would be a fun addition at some point.

Erm… there are literally thousands of topics for this… let me check:


hey there @Nexxar, welcome aboard! :smile:

as @Swift_Cube pointed out, this has been suggested/discussed elsewhere… feel free to hop onto one of those threads to further the discussion!

for what its worth, here’s the official response to the question about first-person perspective:

Can I take control of one of the guys in first person?

No. That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds built in Stonehearth. We have to finish Stonehearth first though. :wink: