[Game Idea] Adventure Mode (First Person/Third Person)

Base Mechanic

  • Ability to select any AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Control any AI at any time (They are your citizens after all)

  • Third And First Person View

Combat/Armor/Weapons Mechanic

  • Ability to fight mobs yourself

  • Ability to equip gear in slots for any of your AI’s

  • Fend against hordes trying to tear your nation down

  • Dungeons to explore and conquer

  • Different combat classes obviously, spells and what-not

Death Mechanic

  • On death your AI drops their Inventory (Gear and Alternate Gear if present)

  • Ability to Resurrect AI if you have a AI on hand of which can Res based on their Class

  • Ability to pick up gear while controlling another AI

Classes Mechanic

  • Base Combat Classes [Mystic, Swordsman, Wizard, Knight]

  • Mystic [Healer]

  • Swordsman [DPS] And Yes I know they are adding these guys, just something to think about.

  • Wizard [Spell-Caster]

  • Knight [Tank]

  • Skill System For Combat [Progression]

The more you use a class, the more abilities you unlock for that class.
Skill Tree - Choose what abilities you want to unlock as you gain skill.
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