Adventures (Hero class)

I was just wondering if there was a Warrior or a group of Warriors and or mages that could go through dungons and find cool loot like an rpg kind of thing that a Hero class.

hey there @kirbyclip … welcome aboard! :smile:

i’m assuming you mean autonomous units that will “explore” as part of their normal process (similar to the trapper), as opposed to units we can specifically control… yes?

if you’re referring to the later, I would direct you to this thread… :smiley:

Just to add to what @steveadamo has said - we believe there will be exploration/ quest elements to the game (at least as far as I know there will be). Whether that entails sending out groups of warriors to loot dungeons we’re not sure yet, I’m sure the Team are thinking about it though so fingers crossed eh? :slight_smile:

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Majesty: A Fantasy Kingdom Sim will always be one of my favorite games.


Question… Would this class be used to find legendary relics of other legendary heroes? But yeah I like this idea.

(hope someone gets this reference)

I think this has been mentioned before, though. Good idea, still/

Sorry to be off-topic, but I have noticed that the board has had a huge spike in popularity.

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Back on topic, I think @naturalnuke might like this (something I’m planning :wink: ):

Just need revolver & whip models now :slight_smile: …


Indiana Stones and the Temple of Voxels!

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that looks fantastic… can’t wait to see/hear more about this adventurers attire! :smile: :+1:

that looks… awesome. (not what I was referencing but still VERY awesome. :smile: )

also a whip would be added in animation would it not?

I had a few ideas, mostly revolving around you having more direct control over him (think hero unit, high cost*, etc)…

-Whip has a chance to disarm the enemy, pistol is just a high-damage, short ranged attack.
-Excellent at getting around (swims/climbs/jumps etc).
-Expert at avoiding / disarming traps in dungeons.
-Buffs loot quality/quantity found in dungeons.

Obviously a lot depends on Radiant & how the dungeons and other scenarios work out. I’m also thinking of a Detective along the lines of Poirot or Sherlock Holmes, as a pirate/ninja/politician foil (though not manually controlled). Haven’t done anything towards that yet though.

*The crafting mats will probably involve plenty of leather & steel / iron, but perhaps only more experienced units can be upgraded this way, ie instead of regular workers.


With all these things I’m seeing I just wish I was skilled enough to add a scythe wielder…

I feel the same way. I’m really going to make an effort to learn how to mod this game… there are a few ideas I have for weaponry and heroes.

Hero wise I would love to see some sort of shapeshifter… particularly a werebear or some sort of warhammer wielding - slow but extremely tanky warrior. - extending these to the dwarves would also be a particular interest to me because that’s the race I’m most excited to play. Allowing heroes of different races would be cool too.

Omg I love that game too! I have the first one on disc and I just got the second one on steam