Adventure mode?

I doubt of seeing this at release, or even ever, but with all the different class systems and how developped they seem I couldn’t help but wonder if something akin to Dwarf Fortress’ 'Adventure Mode" might not actualy be possible under this game’s mechanics(that is, controlling a single adventurer character, travelling the world and doing general adventuring works until death or retirement).

It was something I was wondering about, as with the advent of some many city/colony Sandbox games nowdays, and especially ones that promises the possibility of multiplayer I cannot help but wonder about the mechanics of a multiplayer game that would combine both players playing in Management Mode and players playing in Adventurer mode within a single world… something impossible in the likes of Dwarf Fortess where both can only be played separatedly from each others.

I can’t help it could lead to some interesting mechanics in a game, where a player settlement might try to attract a strong player adventurer to their aid against monster and enemies, or literally put a bounty on another adventurer who raided them in the past.

I can’t find a quote but I know it’s been said that they have something like that planned for a future game and it’s not going to be in Stonehearth.

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Whilst this would be cool, you’d have to be able to go in and out of the mode a lot, as you have a city to manage and they aren’t planning on coding for it to run by itself. And to be honest, there’s not much to do as a worker. You go in and watch him become a blacksmith and think “Oh cool!” And then all he does is create things when the player submits an order, which he won’t because you won’t be ordering everyone :wink:

This may be what you’re referring to, as I haven’t played DF so don’t actually know what the gamemode entails but what I think would be cool would be like a view mode, like in Rollercoaster Tycoon. Where you can just follow a settler and see what he sees.

I don’t know how much work this would entail, @Xavion’s fantastic for this kind of stuff, but at a guess all you really need is people to have “vision”. I couldn’t see it being too hard really.

I’d like this mode especially for building things. Watching a builder’s POV whilst erecting a house, climbing up and down that scaffolding, that would be great. And I see plenty of other opportunities where you might want this, in particular combat. And maybe hunting too.

Something like Adventure Mode in DF shouldn’t be too hard in theory admittedly. Most of what you’d need could already be done just be having a city of one person. The main things you’d probably have to do would be making a system for stores, a local inventory system and probably redoing combat and and maybe a few other systems to work better for a single player, also you’d probably need a bunch of new modules. It would be even harder if you wanted to integrate it with people playing as cities, the best method would involve a player base heavily favoured towards the adventurers and then give the managers the ability to build things like item stores and whatnot or create quests, you could even go with a system that the most best adventurers get the chance to start cities to deal with an expanding player base. The main problems would be needing to redo pretty much every dungeon-y module in existence to deal with repeated farming at this level and that the server stuff would be engine stuff and won’t be coming out for ages after beta and possibly full.

Very much this. Created a whole new mode in a game based on one solid idea and completely different gameplay is difficult, and unnecessary. They are thinking of making another game in the far future, but no where near today.

if you are referring to playing in a first person mode, then i’m afraid not… @Xavion, was this the quote you were referring to?

Can I take control of one of the guys in first person?

"No. That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a
whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds
built in Stonehearth. We have to finish Stonehearth first though. :wink:

And what about viewing in first person? Simply watching through their POV? I could see that being entertaining to watch, especially at the start when you don’t have too much to do whilst they build and chop.

And also in combat. I forgot combat, again :smile:

based on that quote, i would hazard a guess at “no”… but take heart, perhaps in Stonehearth 2: The Revenge of the Wombat

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But muuuuuum :crying_cat_face:

Dang it, I was really looking forward to seeing combat like that. Maybe like in Settlers II (identical combat style to what we saw in the KS video, although they did say they were reworking it), you can zoom down really far so you can see a great view of the hot action :smile:

I can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t be able to make a tiny mod to make the cameras position move to a units position. The quote seems to be assuming you want direct control but if you just wanted the view that could be really easy assuming there is a half decent api for camera control.

well, when you put it that way… sure, i suppose a perspective mode is possible:blush:

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As has been mentioned above, a first person mode where you control a unit is something they’ve said is planned for a separate thing.

Whether or not this plays out in a way similar to Timber and Stone where you set one of your units to an “adventurer” class, and can dip in and out of that first person control who knows. I would imagine we are far too early in the day for the mechanics of this to be set in stone!

A gameplay mode similar to DF though where you control a unit, or perhaps a squad of units and traverse the land seeking fame fortune and shelter, now that would be a pretty cool thing.

looks for default response

I’m sure someone will mod it in!


well, that simply has to be a “thing”…

we’re obviously meant to focus on city building, but there are things which can lure us beyond the safety of our walls, and explore… i mean, the landscape is vast… vast i tell thee!

Well, the mental image wasn’t even neccessarily a first person mode(though that’d be great), since there’s a lot of RPG/action RPG games out there which are played from a third person or even literally a topdown view. Diablo, Torchlight, Bastion, Zelda and so many others.

But basically, adventure mode was more or less a different gamemode in Dwarf Fortress where, instead of being a settlement manager, you were a single adventurer. It’s particularity however was that you could load your adventurer character in the same world you had built a running Fortress in, so you could then adventure the whole wide world and fall at some point on your own fortress and interact with it not as a manager but as an adventurer.

The thing is, though, in DF’s case it was a mode which on a technical standpoint was played ‘outside’ of Fortress mode, rather than in parralel if I recall. You couldn’t switch back and forth seamlessly as it would basically run in an instanced(and then separate) version of the world your fortress was in.

However, a DF-like game which could play in multiplayer would have the interesting notion(if compatible for such a mode) of being able to run both a fortress and adventuer players at the same time, as the fortress player would then be able to continue running and building their fortress while another player is playing an adventurer travelling abroad… and if stores are added in, then a fortress player(or players if there is more than one fortresses in the game) could then to purposedly try to cater to adventurers with stores selling gears and such specifically for them.

Admitedly, this is possibly outside the scope of the game, but I was looking at the earlier videos of Stonehearth, especially the teaser which showed the cthullu-like Titan and I couldn’t help but being reminded of DF especially with how fluid combat seems to being set to be, it felt like a Diablo(of similar)-like Adventure mode wouldn’t be so much of a stretch.

Just as a warning, combat has been said to be being reworked. I actually like it right now, however it is rather simple and basic.

as do i… because its simple and basic… :smile:

but yes, they are rethinking combat, but i dont have a good grasp on where the intend to take it…

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Mmm, I would actually be very happy if they fought like that. It’s cute :wink:

And like you, I am actually happy with simple and basic. This rework better be good Radiant :facepunch:

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