Dungon and Dragons Mode

D&D type of game play where some people are “heroes” and can be different classes looking at their character in the third person and the game master is looking like how the game is played now. the game master can put monsters down and edit the map and put buildings down and people. you could also put in text for quest givers and what not. I think it would be really cool and a lot of people would enjoy it.


I’d love to see this & more control when doing dungeon crawling, BUT - and it’s a big but - this would get rather complicated when you have to swap between dungeon crawling and town management. Especially if there’s even a hint of multiplayer gaming & things like pausing have to be taken into account for all players.

TL;DR version: probably best done as a mod, but I’d definitely like to play it.

Like @Teleros said… I do think it would be a bit messy to implement. That said I am all for it if they can somehow pull it off… I think one of the few ways you could pull it off is have your settlement freeze in time and pan to an entirely different screen for the dungeon when you complete, concede or lose you go back to the settlement and time continues as normal… with your champions returning (or not) later.