Adventurers & Leaders - Making two concepts work together

Hey! I’m new here - just watched the live streams and I think Stonehearth looks absolutely phenomenal.

During the last live stream, the topic of both adventuring and leaders (kings and queens) was brought up. I don’t know if this has been considered or not, but has this idea been considered:

Kings and Queens (or maybe a generic “Leader” class whose title can be customized by the player) are established during times when the player wants to take a group of adventurers out of the city. The Leader keeps things running in the city while the player is gone. Maybe during this “adventure” time, instead of totally stopping time, the city enters a kind of peaceful mode where the Leader coordinates basic play (harvesting and such), while the player can run off and do whatever he wants to do with a party of adventurers.

I love the idea of Stonehearth as a city building game. It seems like it could still be even more than that, though.

Anyway, it seemed like an idea that could resolve the whole “What do we do with the city if the player does take some adventurers off to do something?” - he establishes a leader to take care of things while he’s gone.

Just an idea.

In any case, this game looks absolutely amazing. Great job guys. I love it and look forward to playing it. Just wish I’d discovered it during the Kickstarter so I could have contributed!

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