Touch support for Stonehearth?

A lot of laptops available now, and going forward feature touch screens. Will stonehearth feature touch functionality? Is it a thought on the table or?

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I would definitely love that feature. Not that mouch for laptops, but much more for Windows 8 Pro tablets.

I would love to see Stonehearth to be able to support iOS devices.

not discounting the option, but im genuinely just not very informed… how rich an experience can be had in a touch setting? are their (for example) touch-based versions of RTS games?

@EpicDwarf Support for Mac and Linux should be save, due to Kickstarter. However, I do not believe an iOS device with touch capabilities (can only be an iPhone or iPad, right?) will be able to run the game.

@SteveAdamo Not sure if there are some which have been coded for the use with touch screens yet, but there are for sure some which are playable this way. I even saw a video of a guy playing Starcraft via touch gestures. I could imagine that RTS and touch screens work perfectly together and so could Stonehearth. Radiant mentioned that Stonehearth should become more a “relaxed” kind of game. I see myself already lying on my sofa on a Sunday, the Surface Pro on my lap, holding something to drink in one hand and giving orders to my settlers with the other hand, by simply tapping on the screen. Would really love this ;-).

P.S. Once it is announced, I will start saving some money for the Surface Pro ^^

on a related note, im heading to MSFT TechEd in LA next week… they apparently have some ridiculous savings for attendees on the Surface RT and Surface Pro (i think this is going for $499?)…

Yeah, I was trying to be non-specific, but I have a Surface Pro… and think it’d be awesome if I didn’t need to use my keyboard from time to time. There are a few RTS games that are touch enabled; although turn based, Civilization V is fully optimized for touch support and runs well with it. I’ve played games like Starcraft 2 (albeit not too well), with just the stylus, Simcity (2013) with a greater degree of success. Most games have pretty integral features bound to simple mouse hotkeys that make for pretty decent experiences when you try to use a touchscreen/stylus, I’d just want more… depth or to have the full suite of controls accessible easily with touch.

What do you mean “announced”? Like in the UK? I believe it’s already out, and in Japan.

I think he’s referring to the touchscreen compatibility announcement, and meant to put an “if” there.

… yes, referring to the touchscreen support of Stonehearth ;-). Just wondering if it will be possible to mod it in, if it is not a feature from the start.

@SteveAdamo I had Setllers HD on my galaxy S, now it’s of the market and it was a good game!
although I have to admit, the touch didn’t make the game any better, but not worse either.
I think it’s a function they could add easily post release. I’m not a hero in coding or anything but I have worked on some small games and one of them had touch. A friend of mine made it looks like easy peasy to make the game touch-able. xD

TL;DR Settlers HD was very good with touch on a smartphone, but it didn’t really add anything :slight_smile:

interesting… i never would have pegged an RTS as been a touch-viable option … i could definitely see myself kicking back with my (as yet un-purchased) surface pro and wasting a few hours watching my ant farms grow… :wink:

It is!

Here, check it out :

it might not be the best movie on youtube but see for yourself. I played it for hours. To bad it’s not available anymore. Now I have a bigger screen xD

Just on the touch idea in general: I have nothing against games going touch enabled, I just hope developers don’t start making games that NEED touch screen. I much prefer a keyboard and mouse over my iPad any day of the week.

Just found an “older” comment, related to implementation for iOS (in Geoffers FAQ-Thread… always read the FAQ first ^^):

iOS is tougher for us, because we’d have to change the game to work
with a touch interface. Anything is possible long term, but we’re
focused on PC first.

Not so promising :-/.

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Not sure how you’re going to get it running on a tablet but as it’s using chrome for the ui it should have a 99%+ chance of working with no extra effort. Just avoid right-clicking, hovering, and double clicking and you should be able to do pretty much anything and have it work on a tablet straight up,
Also Countdown to livestream

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There where some people in the past mentioning, that the Surface Pro might be a nice piece of hardware for a relaxed round of Stonehearth (lazy Sunday on the couch)… me included. So computing power and OS should not be a big deal. However, touch-functionality would help a lot to make it more enjoyable on a tablet, than just to use the standard navigation, etc.

Making a separate ui for touch controls would likely be a fair bit of effort, however as I’ve already stated if you plan ahead you should be able to get touch controls with barely any extra effort. I’m not sure how it would work when it comes to non-ui things though like selecting units so I suppose you’d need a dev response for that but for most things it shouldn’t need two versions as it shouldn’t need anything other then simple touches.

i’ve moved @voxel_pirate’s and @Xavion’s discussion on touch support here (from the live stream bank thread)… seemed like good material to add to the discussion…