Have you in program to make Stonehearth compatible with windos XP?

And if you have in program do you know when it will be compatible?

Thank you for the informations and sorry for my bad english.

It’s probably not supported, and probably will never be.

Whew, XP is getting old mate. It would be a safe bet that since even Windows themselves stopped caring for their OS. Stonehearth won’t support it either. XP is simply over-and-out.

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Stonehearth even runs on Linux with Wine, so if you dont have money for Windows then thats an alternative :slight_smile:

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Sorry, @Foglia. Devs had many troubles getting the game compatible with XP at the beginning of development, and since Microsoft finished giving support to it, it seems that they won’t bother to make it compatible. It would take them too much time and troubles, and they need to finish the game.