Massive list of errors on save-load and workers are frozen solid


this is a bit of a messy report of mine for the simple reason that i really don’t know how to categroize it!
I have no idea where it came from and how to reproduce it!

error screen on save-load

i loaded my game and got a load of errors and now all regular workers are frozen solid… They won’t even eat.
Changing jobs doesn’t help either and my carpenter is stuck too…
Even new worker just freeze dead instantly.

Steps to reproduce:
I can’t reproduce it yet since i don’t know what caused it

Expected Results:
Game loads and i can play my game.

Actual Results:

  1. large amount of errors
  2. town is broken


frozen workers:

r256 Alpha9 and no mods

I seem to be having the same problem but with a lot more errors upon loading: Stonehearth Error - Album on Imgur

I’ve been playing a bunch of games using custom buildings so I assumed that that could have been the problem. This game, I decided to make cave dwellings (last pic) to not use complicated custom buildings and it seemed fine, going for a bout a couple hours before I had to restart due to lag. Upon restarting, my save was unplayable; more than half of the workers were frozen in place, the game sometimes loaded in with citizens stuck underground, and I was hit with the wall of errors. All three results after restarting have been consistent as I’ve tried loading from save as well as restarting the game a couple times to continue from the main menu.

Hope this helps [devs].

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Well this seems an awefull lot like a weekend version of the brain-dead bug to me. Now thing is i haven’t been able to reproducenthis…

Yeah, it’s really odd. I just made a town yesterday and so far it’s gotten bigger and more populated than my other games. Zero errors on load too! The only thing I really did differently was to not use the 2x faster game speed setting. The inhabitants would stop every once in a while and the game would get sluggish as I kept it up and running, but I was able to save and load it back up with no problem. At the normal speed, they seemed to derp out and idle a lot less when they had work queued for them even as my population and town size grew. Imma go ahead and reroll the game a few times to see if the game speed setting was really what made the difference.

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