Mason's workbench placement in a dwelling

Greetings All;

I searched for this and could not find it. If it does exist and this is a repeat report, please move or delete this thread.

I routinely use the ‘tiny cottage’ template, sans bed, as my ‘Crafter’s Building’; after it is built, I usually place the workbenches inside the buildings and adorn them with a sign stating who they are.

The weaver’s table and carpenters bench are easily moved into the building, the mason’s bench however, is not. I now have multiple ghost copies of the mason’s workbench inside the building that won’t go away. I told my Hearthians to place the mason’s workbench outside and it was placed speedily and quickly.

So, to recap, I can’t get my Hearthians to place the mason’s workbench inside a building, but it they will place it outside. Any mason’s workbench I try to place inside a building becomes an non-removable ghost image.

I’m using the latest build, Rel 293, x64