Map coordinates? Distance limit?

I’m one of those players that likes to uncover vast amounts of the map and place multiple camps if I can. Is there a way to see the coordinates of a location?

I’ve noticed that my citizens will dig/mine far distances from the originally placed firepit but refuse to build, place items or farm near the same location. Is there a set limit as to how far away from home they will do such things?

I’m currently playing with dev2176x64.


Can’t help with the coordinates & such, but that would make a KILLER mod. Anyhoo, in my experience the Hearthlings only live near the firepit, if I build house somewhere else they’ll sleep there then go back to the firepit and walk around there until a job is given. Don’t believe multiple camps would be possibru.

you can get more fire pits through trading, however your hearthlings will only stand around the first one, leaving the others alone.

They are only going to the first firepit (the “hearth”) because it’s their “go to” location when idle. So if you keep them busy, they should be able to stay away for days.


Great idea for a mod, a mod that sets certain people to idle at different firepits.

It is possible to gain another fire pit but only through trade if you are lucky, but they do want to live near it as it serves as a central location

I have received two fire pits from trades and I understand they are strictly decorative.

My question is if there is a set limit as to how far from the “hearth” the citizens will build, farm, etc.?

I think they will go as far as you like but they will still want to return tobthr fire pit as a central location. If you build/farm to far away they may not be able to complete tasks before going into an idle state and begin another job

It should be great to be able to do other villages
In exemple using another fire pit as “village base” with a max range for fire pit 's influence
And the possibility to attach hearthlings to a specific fire pit so they 're attached to a specific village

Edit : and for them not to go everywhere on the map, the possibility to tell them to do works only in the influence area of the fire pit at which they are attached

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This sounds like something s mod can sort for you. It all depends on what and where the Devs are working on. Mods can be used to fix or change quality’s of the game until its fully implemented. Get a request in.

Yeah, this is a great idea for a mod. I agree, though someone would need to code it…

[Edited to correct information]

If you add the enable_terrain_coordinates flag to your user_settings.json file, hitting keypad * will toggle the coordinates of the terrain under the mouse cursor:

"mods" : {
   "stonehearth" : {
      "enable_terrain_coordinates" : true

This is available on the Steam unstable branch.


Awesome! Thank you!! I can’t play now but will try this later this evening. :smile:

I updated to dev2193x64 and added the “enable_debug_keys” : true, line to my user_settings.json file but it didn’t work. Pressing the asterisk key on the numpad had no effect whatsoever.

“user_id” : “4ee85de2-b5fd-11e4-80aa-00ff48e9145d”,
“collect_analytics” : true,
“enable_debug_keys” : true,
“alpha_welcome” : {
“hide” : true
“renderer” : {
“enable_ssao” : false,
“enable_shadows” : true,
“msaa_samples” : 0,
“shadow_quality” : 3,
“max_lights” : 50,
“enable_vsync” : true,
“enable_fullscreen” : false,
“screen_width” : 1920,
“screen_height” : 1017,
“draw_distance” : 1000,
“last_window_x” : -8,
“last_window_y” : -8,
“use_fast_hilite” : false,
“last_screen_x” : 8,
“last_screen_y” : 54
“tutorial” : {
“hideStartingTutorial” : true

My bad. I edited my earlier post to correct the information. This is the proper entry in user_settings.json:

"mods" : {
   "stonehearth" : {
      "enable_terrain_coordinates" : true
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WooHoo!! Worked wonderfully. Thank you!