Multiple Camps?

Hi guys.

I’m a kickstarter backer, but have avoided playing the game since Alpha2, since I have a lot of other stuff to be doing, and I don;t want to burn myself out on it (as I have for other projects where I have played the alphas and beta so much I lost interest by the time the full release loomed. I do NOT want to do that with SH). But, I follow the development very closely and am keen as mustard for each new snippet of news.

As a result of not wanting to play (just yet), this may be an obvious question/answer to anyone who is playing, bur I was wondering if someone could fill me in:

Watching the Alpha8 release video, Tom set up a new mine a short distance away from the main village. His workers etc needed to run back and forth with resources (although he did make stockpiles nearby, of course). My question is, is it possible to set up secondary campfires? So rather than having workers running back and forth all the time, could I set up a 2nd campfire near my mine, and designate some of my townsfolk would would then live and stay close to that fire. Essentially, splitting off a sub-village from the main village I guess. This would be quite useful in the case where you’re getting up to a large number of hearthlings. Anyway, just wondering.

Other question/suggestion: With footmen, you appear to only have 2 options - either they patrol your entire village randomly (which in the case above means that the secondary mine wouldn;t very often get any protection, and a lot of time potentially wasted by patrolling footmen wandering back and forth slowly between the main village and the mine) or your 2nd option is to set up a aprty and designate a footman/group to go and guard a specific area. But what about if I have several stockpiles/mines a little way away from the main village. Is there a way to set up a custom patrol route rather than a single “stand here and guard this spot” option?

Anyway, thanks in advance. I’m loving following this game, and I’m thinking the time may have come for me to dip my toes back in the water (although I have been holding off until the save issues have been fixed, so probably at least not until Alpha 9).

Cheers, Brian.


well if I were you I would just make multiple squads (1for each specific area I want defended and then tell them to guard those specific areas)

The campfire from what I can tell is just a spot for Hearthlings to gather and share tales over the fire. It appears at the start with the flag because there awesome, and you can only get more by trading with the random trade offers that come in almost daily. It does not designate a different village, neither the town flag as it is the point were you trade goods appear and to put on top of towers if you want them to be fancy. (Anyone correct me if I’m wrong plz).

And the patrol routes are basically what you have said with possibly more to come. But it is not completely random as they are set in there normal state to walk around stockpiles and farms, which may appear random if your stockpiles and farms are everywhere.

something like this works or build a wall and have everyone hide behind it with one entrance to funnel the little pests.


Yes, right now the campfire and flag don’t actually have any real significance. Just decorative items.
You could just make stockpiles and houses somewhere else on the map away from your original village, but it’s still all treated as one settlement and workers will run back and forth if they have to. Though generally they try to fulfill any needs at the closest source. So as long as you keep the new village well stocked with all the resources they would need then they shouldn’t have much reason to go back and forth.
As for the soldiers, it seems they will just patrol all your stockpiles and zones at random, not much you can do about it except assign them guard posts using the party system.
I think it’s safe to assume that eventually we’ll be able to assign specific patrol routes to soldiers and perhaps ownership of beds and other objects, to make your Hearthlings more tied to a particular place.

Though I remember Radiant saying in an interview that they really want this game to focus more on just managing one city, not a whole region of several cities. So I doubt they will do much to let us split our settlement up like that.

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Cutting this close to the year mark but I can’t find any other topics about this.

I am on alpha 13 and I’m running into this problem. For as big as the area they give you to make sure you have plenty of resources… I think the multiple camps would be really helpful.

Ended up making my spot almost into a corner… and to travel to the other side of the map takes a long time even with the speed up. I’ve had to set multiple farms pretty far from each other to make sure there is food on the other side for my hearthlings but even with a handful of farmers running back and forth a waste a bunch of food. I can’t seem to figure out how to keep one farmer on the other side of the map and then the rest in the main village.

I would suppose this would be in line with the AI tracker, giving each hearthling specific tasks manually, which we don’t have yet either… but it would be really appreciated