So alpha 14 i cant put every one in a party

so how would i keep workers and miners safe dont like dying hearthings

and now that i got latest build on steam my last 12 hours of gameplay is waisted (75 hearthings 12 footmen 6 farmers 2 carpenters 3 cooks 6 people mining 3 shepards 3 trappers 3 weavers 3 masons 3 (of each job) and a city that encompassed half the map all gone because of incompatabillities

at the moment you got in alpha (ALPHA!!!) 14 two ways. the first one, is you sent your footmen with the defend option at strategic great positions to defend your workers and miners, or you build the safe-point-standarte from the carpenter. While the town defense mode, they run automaticly to the next safe-point.

All in all i know what you mean, it was a easy way to safe them, but otherwise, is only a mindless worker a good worker.
Now its a real point of the game, to have enough footmen to defend all points of your city and place them good.

i hope i could help you :slightly_smiling: