Maintain x in inventory option is not selectable for modded job


I start a game, promote a fisher. If I try to select “Maintain” the checkbox will not be selected, and it will also uncheck the above option. Clicking on the “hook” icon to proceed with the order will just order (not maintain) 1 item (even if you asked 2 or more)
Clicking on “Craft” will also unselect both checkboxes, but the order is accepted, even for higher than 1 values.

Other jobs are all working as expected.

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Hmm. I’m testing with the Archipelago biome currently on Steam Workshop, and I can’t repro this.

One thing that is consistent in my tests is that promoting through console works, while if I actually promote from assigning a crafted talisman it does not. Weird coincidence as there should be no difference between those two methods.

Reloading fixes it.
The only difference between my version and steam seasons fixed

Ok, got it to repro. Will be fixed in the next release.

Oh thanks. I was super horrid it would be one of those thing that only happens to ourself haha

I was going to give this specific steps, here anyway:
The way I got it to fail everytime was basically opening the game (through a shortcut that enable tiny worlds), single player, asc, archipelago, normal. Skipped all screens without changing. Chose the second season (in my version, hurricane season, from a total of only 3), random tile selected and embark.
No stockpiles, chose a carpenter. His crafting icon does not appear in the unit frame, have to either clear the selection and reselect him or go through the crafting menu. Craft workbench and bucket using right mouse click in the icons.
Promote fisher, open fishing menu, fail to maintain.

It was a race. If you try to open the crafting menu while the initial creation of it is in progress, it will create two of them, and they fight.

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Currently having this same problem. I’m not running any mods and currently on a new game file with this bug. also restart of the game will not fix. if need more info just ask

@uncountednumber are you using any mods?

No mods was activated, problem is fixed though after resetting the game again and resetting steam. started a new game also to double check and it to is working. I have had other small bugs like pop up text flashing on and off but nothing major.

Forgot to add i also verified integrity of game files under properties. hope all of this might help.