Problems with placing and with auto stocking + Fisher Job name bug

Hi everyone!

Soooo a few days ago I started a new game - 'cause I have time now and I love this game :jubilant:. Everything was fine, I made houses, I brought life into this land, etc… and I begun make a “restaurant” where everything started.

After I made the shelves (on 1. image) with the Carpenter, I wanted to place them in the dining hall where the Hearthlings can pick up the freshly baked foods but they didn’t place down one of them [problem A.]

  • I tried to undo this and place there one of the already placed furnitures. It allowed that but when I wanted to place down again the “wrong shelf” the problem has returned.

[Problem B.] is kinda interesting. When the named room had finished I started to craft stone chest to the STORAGE part (for raw food and drink ingredients). It was okay until this point but when I unchecked the food options in my main -overall - chests, the Heartlings did not want to put the items into the newly made “food chests”.

And the final bug is just a name error in the |Fisher Job| mod (3. image)

If you have any idea please help me :forlorn: .

  • I restarted it several times -


Version Number and Mods in use:
Ver.: ACE + final SH
*Canyon Biome (but basicly I played this in no-mod biome)
*Extra Map Options (not used, just enabled)
*Fisher Job+Archipelago Biome (I have Fisher so… yeah)

System Information:
*OS.: Win 10 64-bit
*Proc.: i5-9400F
*VGU.: RTX 2060
*RAM.: 16GB

I will fix the fish rack in the nameless category, thanks for the report. (it was harmless)

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Thanks :jubilant: