Name of item or HearthIing not showing up , time stopping

in the bottom left corner, usually a name pops up if you click on the item or person. But, it doesn’t after I create my first carpenter on my first day in a new world. Then, time doesn’t go anymore, and it is infinitely the time it is when you promoted the hearthling. Note: even on the saved file, if you want 15 inrl minutes between saves, the time in game will NOT change.

Thanks for your time.

hey there @Galakzi … welcome aboard! :smile:

would you mind providing the specific steps you use to create this bug? thanks!

  1. I start a new world, and collect food & wood as every other person would do.
  2. Set down a stockpile, and then they move and put the stuff into it obv.
  3. I promote a Hearthling to carpenter.
  4. Error pops up in top right, I close it.
  5. Names of items and Hearthlings cannot change even if I click on another object.

Note: This has happened to me for atleast 2-3 days, I am just now reporting on it.

thanks for the followup… are you running the Steam or Humble Bundle version of SH?

may as well list your system specs too… :+1:

Idk how to find my specs : Lol.
And I downloaded the humble version and saved it as a new steam game on steam. I ran it through steam.

Try saving+exiting, than reload Stonehearth and try again. Hopefully that will work. :smile:

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