macOS unstable branch live now


Thank you for the report! I will take a look.


Another thing is this that hearthlings build and can’t escape.
An earlier incident I could make a ladder to the hearthling, but that one inside the roof.


save file and logs
About the mining crash I have here an save file that repeatedly crashed when I tried to mine blocks near of the town (there is a visible iron ore vein)


logs (54.9 KB)

Random CTD … I had just opened the mining tool (N)


Thank you both for the reports! I’ll look into them.


Okay so I’ve just uploaded a new version to the macOS branch that has the lastest features and fixes from the stable release that’s coming today. It also has some fixes for the macOS version, but I’m still trying to fix this crash related to mining.

I was able to reproduce it only once using @agar 's save file; Is there any more specific instruction you can give me so I can make it crash more reliably? It really helps me figure out the issue :slight_smile:



I think I made a fix for the crash, but it may have also caused some unknown side effects. I’ve uploaded it to the macos branch for testing, let me know if it works for you!