Looking for some funny annecdotes

Just day to day life stuff. For example

“This one time at uni…”

“In the office me and my buddy one day decided…”


Okay, I’ll start!

This one time at uni I went to my lecture.

In the office me and my buddy one day decided to do work.

Edit: Apologies, it’s late, it seemed funnier in my head. A lot funnier …


One day I tricked @Smith that I filled his house with TNT and Magically created Iron out of nothing

Cough Anecdotes Cough

alright, heres one that highlights my short term memory.
Little bit of backstory. I have a pencil on my person 99% of the time. It’s very useful. I also always check to make sure I don’t lose it (I have had my current one for ~3 years).
So I’m at my computer, and I decide to start my work. But wait, wheres my pencil? Didn’t I have it a minute ago?
Panic sets in. I don’t have any more, plus I really like this one.
Start patting down my pockets, checking under books, move my computer and chair around, shake out blanket.
It’s been a few minutes, and I am FRUSTRATED. It was a good pencil, and I don’t want to spend another ten minutes looking for it. I open my mouth to let out a scream of rage -


This has happened multiple times since then, worst of all when I forgot in the time it took me to type a message on Skype.


One day, I logged into the forums and found a thread, and decided to consume space on it
the end n.n

Let’s see… today trees started spewing wood over the vacuum edge of the world map. All the little people who lived in the world freaked out because *wood! Wood is the lynchpin of existence!!! Without wood, *they cried, how will I make CHAIRS??? Little did they know that in a few seconds, a null pointer exception would end the universe as they knew, it, forever.

…Working on this game is giving me a really strange perspective on the Old Testament.


I once attacked my dad with a plastic golf club at the age of four. The irony is he was a Australian army signals officer in his late 20’s. Trained to kill people so on so on. In the end he was lying on a couch with a bag of peas saying that as soon as his headache was gone he was taking away the golf club.

I sat in the corner Cradling the club though. Admiring its beauty…
but yeah he took it away

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A Cthulhu in the Hand is worth Two in the Bush

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This made me laugh more than it probably should have. Congratulations.

Will it become Legend? : D
Like Stonehearth Lore or something? : DDD

hahaha…GET OFF MY LAWN!!! (per the Mystical Steve) @SteveAdamo I LOL’d for several minutes after reading that!!

if only to be a fly on the wall at dinnertime with your hubby… :smile:

yes well… much like a fine wine, old age has ripened my humor…

ok, seriously… im not that old… :stuck_out_tongue:

in fact, i believe @Tom and i are the same age… but i’ll let those who’ve been paying attention deduce that one…


Unless I miss my mark, I would guess that you are probably younger than I am. Tom and Tony look from the Livestreams to be probably early to mid-30’s, maybe even younger, but it’s hard to say from a relatively low-res webcam.

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well, im not spilling our secret (its avon)… its between us gals! :smile:

edit: sorry, last derailment!


But Steve
Your a guy…right?
…everything I have ever known was a lie

Story time: this one time I thought Steve was a guy


Don’t worry Steve!
You’re still Old to Us! < 3

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I consider everyone on the internet as neither guy nor girl, makes stuff easier … and less dangerous.

Oh and if someone says she’s a girl in an MMO you better be careful !


If it looks like a girl, and acts like a girl, then it’s likely a dude


Wise words of wisdom