Programming is fun!

I noticed this when I was perusing the other day. :wink:


I wonder what the “wtf” class does?

it mainly keeps @Ponder from living out his Office Space fantasies…

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But we have a red Swingline stapler and everything!

…Actually, I’ve only seen the stapler twice. It keeps disappearing.

Edit: and it makes more sense than the straw/milkshake incident.


hey folks… as opposed to starting a new thread, I thought this might fit best here…

it seems Tom Francis, the creator of Gunpoint (and absolutely wonderful stealth/puzzle game), has started a new Youtube series on how to make your own games using GameMaker (the application he used to develop Gunpoint)…

just finished with the second video, and it was surprisingly informative/entertaining, even with as barebones as the current project is… have a watch! :smile: :+1:


GameMaker has come a long way.

I used it YEARS ago and it was one of my first introductions to programming outside of web development.

Here are a few screenshots of a Light Cycles game I built with it. It was really challenging to create but a ton of fun. I had music, particle effects, etc.

I have the executable somewhere but it doesn’t seem to run on anything but Windows XP right now. This was like…10 years ago.


No-one can deny how bloody frustrating it is when you don’t have a freaking clue what causes a problem and you’re about to smash your head through the wall. And when you fix that problem which left you sleepless several nights, expect a billion new ones.


There’s a reason i’m a motion graphics designer now instead of a programmer…


@Stian its like tech, one step forward two steps back.
Each bug fix unlocks more bugs. Devs should have a bug splat session!

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Trust me, we do. But then you forget about that one imporant thing when using that function and eventually end up breaking everything and just give up.

Ludum Dare 32 is going to happen on April 17th. My weekend is completely free and I have a little bit more experience than last time, so hopefully it’ll go better.
As a side note, would anybody be interested in me stream that?

Edit: Where did the time go? It’s starting tonight! I found out that my internet isn’t good enough to stream at any respectable resolution, but I’ll be recording the hightlights.

Edit: Or not.

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