Long Range Travel Enemy (Did not initiate it myself)

Basically after a few nights of combat, beyond the battle music not stopping, My hearthling decides to go and attack one of the big zombies that is hardly what I would call close by. My hearthlings were not even near it when it spawned and have not gone over there in a while.

However the footprint to goblin camps are still there. The campire ones. There are a couple of those in the world, although the campfires were destroyed. Big zombie is nearby one of them, and is the one I am assuming she is going to attack. As there is nothing else coming my way at the moment.

The place only has one entrance. A ladder.

I will move her back to base where she is most needed, and she continues to want travel to where ever she wants to attack.

Steps to reproduce:
I am actually not sure how to reproduce this. I am providing a save.

Can try to get her to stay at the camp without having to resort to the defense mode.
Expected Results:
To not go and attack long range when I have not issued the order.

Actual Results:
She will keep wanting to go to enemy, that is far away; or rather a pretty hefty distance of a walk regardless of the commands given. Will continue to do so after finishing the priority command that I have given.

there are a few enemy spawns, but not really ones that would attack outright. Ignore the trapped wolves, that I did on purpose.

I really didn’t want to deal with the zombies in the area at this time. But I didn’t want my hearthling acting on her own accord to do long distance killing. Notice she did the same to a goblin camp in the same location as the big zombie. I actually wanted the camp gone, so I let her. I more wanted the zombie staying as it is not harming any of my hearthlings.

So it was actually 2 times this happened in this session. I just happen to save on the second one.

1453441567773.zip (7.7 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Thursday nights update. A14 2803? (don’t remember the number) (1-21-2016)

System Information:
NE56r48u (model number)

Hope I was clear on what I mean, and I’ve loaded up that save, and as soon as the pause button is lifted she starts her walk. I don’t have any commands or flags set anywhere near where she is going…


Looks like something for @linda…


There is currently no way to prevent a footman from wanting to attack something that they’ve noticed ought to be killed. They’re independent-minded like that! They should have a 60-or-so-block range on their sight sensor, so there might be a bug there, but the only solution to this at the moment is to find a way to take out the enemy.


Shame that; that was what I was afraid of. Oh well… The enemy isn’t a problem, I just didn’t want to kill it at the current time, as was not technically an immediate threat.

But good to know. Although that enemies is more than 60 I think… Might be less if measured directly, but the actual path taken is more than that. Unsure. Never actually measured. >< Still good to know what to look for.

I don’t mind the mind of own, as that is the point of hearthlings, just seemed odd for her going that far out.

Well Thanks for the info. :smiley: