[a16dev2955] Footmen engaging enemies from excessive distances

Footmen are engaging enemies from 200+blocks away.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have footmen
  2. Wait for enemy camp to spawn away from town
    3)Footmen will auto engage

Expected Results:
Footmen only engage nearby threats and only attack far away when ordered,

Actual Results:
Footmen will go after camp/enemies as soon as it has spawned regardless of where they are in world.

This affected my existing save, and a new game.
Only affects footmen, archers and clerics did not engage from a distance.

Squad ordered to middle(ish) of town area:

As soon as they reach destination footmen turn and engage goblin camp approx 200 blocks from current location.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No Mods

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maybe this is what happened in my latest video when one of my footmen was sudently inside a goblin camp

If only we had artillery. KA-Boom! :grin:

This happened to me during my livestream multiply times until save / load in the latest alpha 16 2955

Still seeing this in dev2960 but now affecting all combat classes.

Going “Save - Main Menu - Load” stops them engaging at a distance until they attack again, then they will engage from anywhere on the map. Archers also do not want to engage the nearby enemies and are always engaging distant targets once the initial target is down.

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Seconding this. I have two Footmen and a Cleric that are fixated on taking out a goblin camp by themselves.

Yeah the same problem with me. The chief of the enemy camp comes to my gates and runs away. I don’t have the resources to make that battle. So I order my troops back to their citadel. I keep clicking them back to the citadel over and over again untill the enemy chieftain is back at his camp (400 blocks away) STILL my archer and one footman keeps on running after him. I try to click the X which cancels their orders… No effect… So my soldiers starve and are extremely tired from running all over the citadel!

So how to fix: Attack that damn camp and then your soldiers will sleep and eat! WHAT THE ACTUAL [word]!!!

So what I suggest is Attack when given the order… Not when they like to… Jeez…
I actually suffered from this… Mentally…

The latest build on the steam latest branch (develop-3002) should fix most of the bugs related to long distance engagements. Let us know if you see weird behavior with the new releases.

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i had this happen today on latest 3010 they charged to the Goblins Camp and everytime i left them at my town they kept running back forcing me to put them in Guard Mode at Town to not die.

this happened to me as well :cry:

Does this happen after saving and loading the game or does the problem go away?

Maybe a “reset” in the console can fix this for a single citizen.

I played a new town today it started to happen to me the moment the big goblin camp popped up they just keep wanting to run there to suicede and saving/loading dont help they still wanna go there

No error messages

Seems almost like if they touched an enemy once they want to kill em forever until they are dead. Had this happen just now with 2 random wolves