Livestream 10th September 2013 - 4pm PST

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Tour of the office people! BE THERE.


Great… another night with not so much sleep :wink:.


oh, be there indeed… i shall… be there… :eyes:


FINALLY A TOUR! These tour guides are terrible, I booked for last week and only now do they show up


1 am? I guess I’ll have to skip :frowning:

Blame @SteveAdamo … “I can do it, honestly” … if he ever says that to you don’t believe him.

It turns out the security golf cart can’t drive on two wheels like in the James Bond films, consequently we’ve been waiting on the repairs.

Honestly Steve, one of these days you’re gonna get us killed.


Poor Joe, Steve lost him in an ‘Invincible Underwear accident’


I am sorry, I just had to like every single post in this thread… The excitement is both killing me and bringing me back to life at the same time… (reference to Geoffers’ “fetish-obsession” thingy).

Of course, though, I had to skip out on liking your post, @HeartfangWolf… Please, allow me to weep openly with you.


Wait … what? What have I done now?!


Notice anything in correlation to your recent trends?

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This is the problem with living in europe, all the cool stuff happens in the middle of the night…

add “with @Geoffers747” in there, and i will nod my assent…

cant wait for the tour! :+1:

p.s. i’ve pushed the question bank to the top, so its more accessible, should @Tom pop over and want to grab some for tomorrow’s event…


Whoo it’s going to be my first time watching the stream! (I didn’t know about this blog, but glad I do now!)

well, welcome aboard @PopoBane! :smile:

you’ll be tuning in for a special edition… should be lots of fun… :+1:

pro tip: keep an eye out for the wombat… oh, and dont accept any “pre stream snacks” from @Geoffers747… its just safer that way…

I’m not entirely sure what wombat and I only eat my OWN snacks!!! Unless he offers chocolate … Then my willpower crumbles T.T

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its the lovely team mascot who appeared in the campaign video, and in virtually every subsequent live stream…

just look at this adorable guy… who wouldnt love him! … and the wombat is cute too… #rimshot

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Questions for the stream: Does the wombat have a name? Does he have goggles?

I hereby punish you to 10 minutes in the quiet corner.

I’ll let you know when you can come back out.


So what about the moderators for the night?