Little help from Photoshoper

Hi Folks!

I need your help again :frowning: I need a Photoshoper who can change the titles of the following picture for me.

Mind = Verstand
Body = Körper
Spirit = Geist

If Radiant support the work from the volunteer translators, a pack with the few .psd files needing modifications could be created and made downloadable. This to avoid the tedious work of hacking such file… (without guarantee of perfect result -> and Stonehearth is all about neat and perfect lines!)

^^ i know what you mean - at the moment their focus is on other spots - not on translation^^ BUT they support me alots! - they have answered me lots of questiosn and also have make bugfixes if i have found issues - like the categories etc. ^^

at the moment there are only 2 picutres who needed to be changed - this file and the stamp (who was perfectly edited from froggy for me)


I will ask Tom for the photoshop file for this glass. We can probably separate the text out and generate the same effect using html (or at least use some transparent text image over top of it so it’s easier to replace).


i think this would be the best idea ^^ so its just overlay the picture and every translater can set the size for their language manually ^^ when tom looks over this he should also look at the stamp :wink: they are the only files who be needed to translatable at the moment^^


What about the buttons “slice” and “x-ray”? Can we already translate them or are they images too?

lol ok you have right … i have forget this two buttons complete because they have this image since the start - that i havent notice them anymore :blush: thanks for the fingerprint xD

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PNG glass.png — RGhost — файлообменник

Or see my theme for download clear glass.psd

Thank you! I will test it immediately!

edit: It works PERFECT!!!

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Hi All, here’s the background for the glass pane. In the next push, I added the strings for the stats programmatically. If the strings don’t look good for certain languages, please let me know. Thanks

Edit: I’ll work on making the slice and x-ray texts translatable as well.


and when you are on it :wink: dont forget the stamp from the promotionwindow :smiley:

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Okay, I added localization for slice, x-ray, and the stamp in the promotion window. You should see it in the next alpha 11 update. The stamp has to look a bit different now because previously, the text on it was hand drawn instead of a font.


nice work! i cant wait for the next update to experiment with the fontsizes :smiley:

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soo i have all tested - works perfect xD

the only thing i have changed was in the terrain_vision.less the position of the x-raybutton from 50 to 60 xD

in all other pics it works perfect :smiley:

if you need infos which luacs needs ai_status also in the en.json and where are also infos who needs l18n binding - just ask :wink: