Lights on inside of walls glow outside of the walls

I place a wall lamp on the inside of a wall to give light for my carpenter and weaver to work by and the glow shows on the outside of the wall.

Steps to reproduce:
Make a wall lamp
Place wall lamp on inside of completed building
wait for night
see light glow outside of the wall

Expected Results:
Glow would be on the inside of the wall only

Actual Results:
glow is not affected by wall

Versions and Mods:
R130 - No Mods

Image showing the lamps on the inside of the wall, You can see the glow but with the walls “down” this is not all that odd looking

Image showing the glow with the walls “up” which looks very strange


Nice find :slight_smile: . Luckily, the lightning engine needs an overhaul anyway*, so hopefully whenever it gets done we’ll see more realistic lighting :slight_smile: .

*Unpleasant FPS lag when many lanterns are placed, for example.


thanks for the report @WxFisch! :+1:

I think this may have been mentioned before, but I would hate to step on @Phagocytosis’s toes and actually search it out… :smile:

Haha, well… I did notice at some point that the light from lamps disappears if they’re on a wall and you remove that wall from view with the building view mode toggles (although I don’t think I reported that… but it can be seen in the below video at 1:29). Which seems somewhat similar. Possibly related somehow. But I don’t think I remember a report about this precisely! So, @SteveAdamo, my toes are safely out of the way. Please go ahead :slight_smile:

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