A Wall lantern that won't disappear when the view changes

In the pictures attached, the wall lantern on the left building will not disappear when the view is changed to the “Invisible wall” viewing. The wall lanterns on the right building, however, work just fine. The left wall lantern was placed after the building finished construction, and the right were placed during construction. I believe that I have previously placed a wall lamp between a window and door before without problems.
I’m running the latest alpha, build 2998.

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I reproduced it by placing a lamp after the building has been built.

Is this intended behavior, @not_owen_wilson? Looks like the lamp isn’t considered part of the building with these steps. :worried:

While testing this I also had another issue that might have been reported.

My hearthlings were building a simple building (floor + walls), and I was designing another one with lamps because I forgot to place the lamps at design mode on the first one.

One hearthling stopped building the first building to place one of these lamps, before I even tell the UI to build the second building :cold_sweat: So this lamp didn’t count in the building cost, and acted like a lamp placed after having finished building (although the scaffolding for its wall was placed on the inside for some reason).