Level 6 vs. Master

Expected Results:
Consistent naming of max level.

Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-701 (x64). No Mods.

In the pic,

crafter’s are different as when they lvl up, which would be a master craftsman at lvl 6

Footman, Archer’s and any other soldier type of class and any other non crafting class ie: farmers and workers would be just considers lvl 6

not a bug, done as intended

side note: Master Footman would be weird lol :merry:

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If TR agrees, can you please move to suggestion. This is unintuitive.

The equivalent, “Master Swordsman”, sounds pretty good to me. Same for Master Archer. I don’t care actually care that the flavor in “Flavor Class” is consistent. You could name them “Master Blacksmith”, “Supreme Knight”, and “Professional Farmer” if you wanted. My problem is “Level 6” has no indication, from that menu, that the highest level has been achieved, whereas “Master”, does. My 2 cents.


I agree with this. The naming doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but suddenly “level 6” instead of a title is not consistent.

Good thought.

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@Solus Side comment, you have the best avatar.

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It is by design, and by the way, any level can have a title and the max level can be something else than 6 too. So this is all flexible.
For example, we can create a class that goes only up to level 2, or up to level 100. We can make it have the titles noob at 0, apprentice at 2, skilled at 3, master at 5, supreme at 7… :stuck_out_tongue:


Or if they added some sort of government you would need a debater of sorts :stuck_out_tongue:

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