Let's Play Stonehearth Alpha 10.5! w/ Zigworf!

I’m new to creating content for youtube and i decided along with my other small series i’m going to do one with Stonehearth! :smile:

I’ve already got one video out. :wink:


The first episode! Please give me some feedback… :slight_smile:

The second episode! May be boring…

Another episode! This one is the 3rd day! And we get attacked! Might have lost someone too. :frowning:

Episode #4!

Episode #5!

Episode #6

Episode #7

Episode #8-9 together!

Episode 10!

Episode 12! Feedback (Positive or Negative) would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Episode 13!

:slight_smile: Episode #14.

Episode #15! Upgrade!

Episode #16 coming soon!

I know i may be lousy at this ‘youtube’ thing… But it sure would be nice if i could get some pointers…

There will be an Episode everyday, until Sunday…
They are scheduled for 6:30PM Pacific Time.
Here is the play list: YouTube

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hoo boy, i totally forgot about your LP, :hushed: i dont have time to watch the right now, but when i do i’ll do my best to give some feedback.


I just had a bad day yesterday.