New Series - Stonehearth Alpha 9

Hello everyone!

A returning member here to let you know that I have, once again, started up a Stonehearth series on my very …humble youtube channel.

If you are starving for some content and want to help support my little hobby of talking over some gameplay it would be most welcome.

As always any support or feedback you may have is greatly appreciated!


I can only speak for myself when I very humbly ask for…

MOOOOAAAR episodes!!! :two_hearts: :sparkling_heart:

I’m currently running my copy of v9 on a Mac via Wineskin, so my bug encounters are sadly compounded. Clean gaming coverage like this is vital for me! Keep it up!


Good morning!

Oh man I remember running games via wineskin, rest assured there are plenty of videos on the way! Currently episode 5 is the latest.

Thanks for the kind words :smile:


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to stop by to let you know episode 8 is now up for the series!