Legendary craftingparts dont go into storage

I have made a part for the shield and the gemstone for the circlet, but they dont go into storage.
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it is a multiplayer reembarked game if it matters?

storagelegendarysavegame.zip (5.7 MB)


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835 no mods
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There must be some wrong material tag.

Thanks for reporting!


just made a small crate and set it to ALL, then they picked up the two items and placed them in there.

The parts also can’t be sold to traders, only the completed legendary items can be.

That could be intended. @Rabid_Llama?

Yeah, I actually debated not having legendary weapons be sell-able (because, c’mon, they trusted you with the recipes!) but that was too weird. Either way, I don’t think making and selling legendary item parts should be a worthwhile trade option, so they’re not sellable, and even if they were I’d really lowball the price :slight_smile:

They should definitely go into storage, though!


Fair enough. Once I had made enough for my military (and at the point that I got the recipes, I was basically done with the game, couldn’t grow anymore for performance reasons), I was just trying to use up lots of materials, and one of the cleric legendary components (the one crafted by the weaver) seemed like an efficient way to do that since it required 12 thread and its value was greater than the sum of its components. The main reason that I sell such fancy things is for performance reasons, because I want to cut down on the number of items in the world that the game has to keep track of while still maintaining/increasing my net worth.

Okay! A few things!

  1. Nobody fixed this yet. Oops. I’ll put them under “Cloth, etc” (edited - this is called “refined_weaver” in code, but I think it makes sense for these from the in-game description) for lack of a better option.

  2. The reason they aren’t sellable is because you can only sell things that are properly in your storage. So, once they have a place to go (or you do the ALL thing), they’ll be sellable.

  3. Ignore all the smart-sounding designer b.s. two posts up, I’m apparently good at making up reasons retroactively for things I didn’t intentionally do…


Hello, upping post

6 month and isn’t already fixed… :confused:

For help, with legendary item, we need to pull “ALL” on storage to store them. Its boring i don’t want have general storage in my city.

Sundyed Fabric, Dragonhide, Dragonplate, Flame Ruby, Glittering Inlay

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Heyo - sorry this didn’t get fixed before. I’m pushing a change onto my branch now (so still a few weeks/month before you see it). I’m putting them all under the Refined Materials option (which is called “stockpile_refined_weaver” on the code side) as stated above.

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